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Genre Drama
Written by Samira Fazal
Directed by Mehreen Jabbar
Starring Imran Abbas Naqvi
Ayesha Khan
Juggan Kazim
Ahsan Khan
Adnan Siddiqui
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of episodes 18
Producer(s) Momina Duraid
Location(s) Panama City, Florida
Running time 50 minutes
Original network Hum TV
Original release 2 March (2010-03-02) – 10 June 2010 (last ep 18)
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Vasl is a 2010 Pakistani drama serial broadcasting on Hum TV.[1] Serial was first aired on 2 March 2010. It is directed by Mehreen Jabbar and written by Sameera Fazal, the serial had an ensemble cast composed of Faisal Rehman, Adnan Siddiqui, Imran Abbas Naqvi, Juggan Kazim, Ahsan Khan, Ayesha Khan, Tooba Siddiqui, Shahood Alvi, Badar Khalil, Ayesha Khan (senior), Salma Azfer and Eshita Mehboob. Produced by Momina Duraid. It will also air in India on Zindagi.


Hashim (Adnan Siddiqui) and Henna (Ayesha Khan) are a married couple living in U.S.A with their children Soni and Naeel. Henna is a perfect wife and a caring mother but misses her family living in Pakistan. One day Hashim hands over airplane tickets to Henna and asks her to visit her family in Pakistan with Soni and Naeel. Henna gets happy and visits her family. Her family includes her parents, two brothers, a sister-in-law and a niece. After few days, Hashim calls his kids back as he doesn't want them to miss their school. Within few days, Henna receives divorce papers and is devastated. As she doesn't have a green card she can't go back to US. Meanwhile, Hashim is having an extramarital affair with his best friend Nabeel's (Imran Abbas Naqvi) wife Kamla (Tooba Siddiqui). Hashim marries Kamla but his children don't accept Kamla as their new mother. Henna is desperate to meet her kids and meets Nabeel who proposes to Henna to take revenge from Hashim. Henna rejects his proposal. Kids find it difficult to stay with Kamla. Kamla too feels that it would be better if the children go to her mother i.e. Henna. She sets up a plan to send Soni and Naeel to Henna but is caught by Hashim. Hashim divorces Kamla. Henna's younger brother Adeel (Ahsan Khan) has a friend Marina (Juggan Kazim) who sets up her maternal uncle (Mamu) Salman's (Faisal Rehman) marriage with Henna. Henna doesn't want a second marriage but marries him as he promises her that he would take her to US where she can actually meet her kids and get them. Adeel on the other hand, likes a girl Roma and takes Marina's help. Marina secretly loves Adeel but is in an inferiority complex of being an overweight. Adeel soon realises his love for Marina and proposes her. Salman is suffering from impotency and Henna feels cheated for not being known about this she even calls him gay. Salman tells her that she is treating him the way Hashim treated her. Henna apologizes and visits a doctor with Salman. Marina loses weight and surprises Adeel and his family on the day of their marriage. Salman offers a job to Adeel in U.S.A. Henna soon conceives, Salman is extremely happy but denies his promise as he doesn't want Henna to neglect herself being pregnant. Salman, Henna, Adeel and Marina arrives U.S.A. Henna keeps on insisting but is denied to meet her kids. Salman again promises her that as soon as the baby would be born, she would be taken by him to meet Soni and Naeel. Marina applies for her master's in a university. Adeel opposes her decision but is later convinced by Henna. A baby girl is born and is named Zarlina (Zee). Meanwhile, Hashim arrives Pakistan with his kids to meet Henna and is informed about Henna's second marriage. He calls Salman in order so that the kids could meet Henna but is denied. Henna is eager to meet her kids but is denied by Salman as he thinks Henna would forget about Zee as soon as she meets Soni and Naeel. Henna neglects Zarlina and insist Salman but soon realises her duty of being Zee's mother. After few years, when Zee grows Henna shows Zee her children's picture, Zee too demands for her older siblings. Marina gets a job which saddens Adeel as he wants a baby now. One day, Henna meets Hashim and demands to see her kids she goes with him to Hashim's House and is devastated to see Soni being so spoilt drug addict and Naeel being always alone. She finds that her kids hate her for not showing up as Hashim had lied them that it was all Henna's fault. Henna stays there in order to get the things done but still hates Hashim. Salman is furious and goes with Zee to Hashim's place. Henna blames him that because of him, her kids are so spoilt and hates her. Salman in guilt, leaves Zee with her. Soni hates Zee and warns Henna to leave her house or else she would cause a trouble. Naeel likes Zee and even plays with her. Soni kidnaps Zee and ask Henna to leave the house. Henna readily accepts which hurts Soni as she thinks Henna only loves Zee. She doesn't agree. Salman comes to meet Zee but is surprised by Soni's set up. Zee, who lives at Soni's friend's house still loves her elder sister. Soni exploits Zee but also takes care of her at her friend's house. Soni's friend calls up Henna one day and apologizes. Henna takes Zee with her and is leaving Hashim's house. Before leaving, she tells Soni that she isn't aware of the truth. Hashim confronts Soni about all he had done. Henna decides to leave alone as Salman didn't kept his promise. Soni talks to Henna and tells her not to leave Zee alone. Marina decides to leave Adeel thinking him as a male chauvinist but Salman tells her that it is she who is a problem in living with and must not leave Adeel as he truly loves her. Marina apologizes to Adeel for her headstrong behavior and lives a happy life with him and even plans for a child. Soni and Naeel refuse to stay with Hashim and stay with Henna and often meet Zee. Soni tells Henna to get back with Salman as he is a nice person. Henna forgives Salman and gets back to him with her children.



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