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Vassal Engine
VASSAL's official logo.
Developer(s)The Vassal Team.
Initial release2003 (2003)
Stable release
3.2.17 / December 31, 2016 (2016-12-31)
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inJava
Operating systemAny
Available inMultilingual (English and 6 other languages)
TypeGame engine
LicenseGNU LGPLv2+

The Vassal Engine is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games, tabletop games and card games. It allows users to play in real time over a live Internet connection, and also by email (PbeM). It runs on all platforms, and is free, open-source software. For example, there is a Star Wars Miniatures module, where players can play with up to three others in a digital replica of the table-top game.

It is written in Java and is available from SourceForge under the LGPL open source license.[1]


Vassal began as VASL (Virtual Advanced Squad Leader), an application for playing Advanced Squad Leader.[2]

Available modules[edit]

Vassal modules exist for over 1000 games, some of which are listed here. A more comprehensive, but not exhaustive, list of modules exists on the Vassal module site list.



Card games[edit]

Copyright and licensing[edit]

In September 2008, Games Workshop issued a cease-and-desist order regarding V40k to Tim Davis, the team leader at that time.[9] The module is still played.

Games Workshop has also issued a cease-and-desist order regarding Space Hulk.

Similar projects[edit]

ZunTzu is a similar engine for playing boardgames.[10]


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