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Vasilis Vasili

Vasilis Vasili or Vassilis Vassili, (in Greek Βασίλης Βασίλη) born in 1964 is a Greek contemporary visual artist working primarily in sculpture.

In Greek Cyprus he was assigned with several other sculptors to create public art for the Cypriot community, most notably his stone display in Limassol.


Vassilis Vassili studied at The School of Fine Arts in Athens under the professor E. Panourias and Theodoros Papagiannis from 1992 to 1997. In 1999 having a scholarship from The Greek Foundation of Scholarships and from Onassis Foundation he moved to United States. In 2001 he received a Masters of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. From 2004 to 2013 Vassilis was teaching at the Technological Institution of Athens, Greece. From 2006 to 2008 he also was teaching at the Department of Fine Arts at the University of West Macedonia in Florina, Greece. In 2013 he moved to Canada where he lives with his family.

Public art works[edit]

Vassili has created permanent public art works in the following places: 1995- Konitsa, Greece. 1996- University of Patra, Greece. 1996- Iannena, Greece. 1996- Dreieih- Frankfurt, Germany. 2000- Lemesos, Cyprus. 2000- Kalamata, Greece. 2002- Abington Art Center, Philadelphia, USA 2004- Train Station Pefkakia, Athens, Greece 2004- Dionyssos, Attica, Greece 2006- Piraeus, Greece 2006- Katerini, Greece 2006- Antalya, Turkey 2008- Aniksi Attica, Greece 2011- Paros Island, Greece. 2011- Iannena, Greece. 2011- Polis Crysoxous, Cyprus. 2015- Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 2016- Nashua, New Hampshire, USA 2016- Saranda, Albania 2017- Ayia Napa, Cyprus


Vassilis has had exhibitions at the following institutions: Burgerhaus, Dreieich, Frankfurt, Germany (1998); “Epoxes” Gallery, Athens, Greece (1998); Pennsylvania Museum of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, USA (2001); Titanium Gallery, Athens, Greece (2003); Titanium Gallery Athens Greece (2005); Art Gallery Kaplanon Athens Greece (2008).

Selected group exhibitions include: 1995- M. Merkouri Foundation, Athens, Greece. 1995- State Bank of Greece Athens, Greece. 1996- M. Merkouri Foundation Athens, Greece. 1997- National Gallery, Athens, Greece. 1997- Outdoor show, Pllaka, Athens, Greece. 1997- “Epoxes” Gallery, Athens, Greece. 1997- Outdoor show, Salonica, Greece. 1998- Global Stone Workshop, Gothenburg, Sweden 1998- Drawing show, Svetsingen, Germany. 1998- City Hall, Psyxiko, Athens, Greece. 2000- Destination Philadelphia, Convention Centre, Philadelphia, USA 2001- Snapshots, Beaver College Art Gallery, Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA 2001- 5 into 1, Philadelphia Sculptors’ Show. Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, USA 2001- Artower Agora, Athens, Greece. 2002-Wiesbaden, Germany. 2003- The Burnished Chariot, NewLondon, C.T, USA 2003- Its Kale, Giannena, Greece. 2006- Gallery Crysa Katerini Greece 2007- Art Gallery Kaplanon Athens Greece 2008- Alexander S. Onassis Foundation, Greece 2009- Art Gallery Kaplanon Athens Greece 2010- Art Space Gazi. Athens

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