Vasudeva Kanva

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Vasudeva Kanva
Founder of Kanva dynasty
Reign c. 75 – c. 66 BCE (9 years)
Predecessor Devabhuti
Successor Bhumimitra
Issue Bhumimitra
Dynasty Kanva

Vasudeva Kanva (c. 75 – c. 66 BCE) was the founder of the Kanva dynasty. Vasudeva Kanva was a Brahmin king. He was originally an Amatya (minister) of last Shunga ruler Devabhuti. Bana's Harshacharita informs us that he came to power after the death of Devabhuti by a daughter of his slave woman disguised as his queen. He was succeeded by his son Bhumimitra.[1][2] King Vasudeva was one of the famous patrons of arts.[3]

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Preceded by
Kanva dynasty
c. 75 BCE
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