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Born Sandur, Bellary, Karnataka, India
Occupation Writer
Nationality Indian
Alma mater National Institute of Technology Karnataka
Indian Institute of Science
Notable works Mohanaswamy

Vasudhendra (Kannada ವಸುಧೇಂದ್ರ ) is an Indian author in Kannada language known for his short stories.

Personal life[edit]

Vasudhendra was born at Sandur in the Bellary district in Karnataka. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka as a gold medalist. He then did his Master of Engineering from Indian Institute of Science. He had been a software professional since 20 years. He was also the Vice President at Genisys Software. Now he spends his time in reading, writing and traveling.

Vasudhendra has come out as gay recently in the interviews he has given to prajavani and other media houses.[1][2]

Short Stories[edit]

  1. Maneeshe (1998)
  2. Ugadi (2004)
  3. Chelu (2006)
  4. Hampi Express (2008)
  5. Mohanaswamy (2013)

Collection of Essays[edit]

  1. nammamma andre nanagista (2006)
  2. Rakshaka Annatha (2010)
  3. Varnamaya (2012)
  4. kothigalu (2004)
  5. Aidu Paise Vardakshine (2016)


  1. Harichitta Satya (2010)


  1. Mithuna (2004) (Translation of Sri Ramana's Short Stories from Telugu)
  2. Everest (2015) (Translation of Jon Krakauer's Everest Mountaineering Disaster Into Thin Air)


  1. E-Commerce

In Braile language[edit]

  1. Adrushya kaavya (2006) (collection of essays)

Writing for films[edit]

  1. Nammamma andre nanagista (Still under discussion. Film has not bee produced)

Books in English[edit]

  1. Mohanaswamy (Harper Perennial, Nov 2016)

Awards and Recognitions[edit]

  1. Kannada Sahitya Academy Award
  2. Da Raa Bendre Story Award
  3. Maasthi Story Award
  4. Dr U. R. Ananthamurthy Award
  5. Besagarahalli Ramanna Award
  6. Vasudheva Bhoopalam Award
  7. Vardhamana Udayonmukha Award
  8. Amma Award from Sadem
  9. Katharanga Award


He has started his own publication house called the Chanda Pustaka. Through this he has given encouragement to many upcoming writers of Kannada. It has published around 50 books till date and these books have won more than 60 prestigious awards. He has instituted an award 'Chanda Pustaka Bahumana', which will be given to a fresh and young short story writer every year by publishing his first anthology along with a cash prize. He publishes all his books through this publication house and he looks after sales and marketing of his publications.

Other Interests[edit]

Being a hiker, he has trekked across Western Ghats. He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania and trekked to Kailash & Mansarovar of Tibet. He is a regular squash player. World Cinema, Mahabharata and Indian classical music are his other passions. He decided not to watch television 12 years back and he follows this till date.

Vasudendra has also done a professional course in counseling and spends most of his time these days in counseling his clients [Ref:Hindu Article].

LGBT Activism[edit]

Vasudhendra is also associated with a local support group for LGBT individuals, called GoodAsYou.[3] He has been doing a lot of activism for gay rights in Karnataka and in his latest interview with vishwavani, he argued that most people do not have sex just for procreation but also for recreation and oppression against gays is similar to that against dalits and made references to early Hindu texts.[4]


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