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Vatal Nagaraj

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Vatal Nagaraj (Kannada:ವಾಟಾಳ್ ನಾಗರಾಜ್) is a social activist from Karnataka. Named after the town he was born in, he is the Ex MLA of Chamarajnagar. Nagaraj is the president of a pro-Kannada outfit, Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha[1][2][3]

He is credited with keeping Kannada language and Kannada soul alive in Bangalore and all over Karnataka regardless of the assault of movement from different states and different dialects. He is considered as one of the Kannada activists among Kannadigas living all over the world.

While his aim appears to be honest to goodness, his measures are scrutinized as extraordinary and powering animosity inside, something else, tranquil groups. His incendiary discourses and activities trash majority rule government, and bring up issues that the mainstream media usually ignore. He is known to "rail" against the "consistent and unending movement" of outcasts who do not acclimatize into the local way of life or dialect but rather make little pockets of ghettos and voting fortifications.

Nagaraj is known for his strong position in securing the Kannada language and Kannada culture, and for voicing challenges against government agencies on various issues.

The protest was against the comments the actor Sathyaraj made nine years ago during the Cauvery Protest by Tamil Nadu Actors Association against Kannada language speakers and Karnataka.[4][5] The protest was called off.


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