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The Hindisvík bay

Vatnsnes is a peninsula jutting into Húnaflói in northern Iceland. It is surrounded by waters of Miðfjörður on the west and Húnafjörður on the east. It is home to one of the largest seal colonies in Iceland,[citation needed] among others at Hindisvík and Ósar. Seals have been protected for many years in Hindisvík.[citation needed] A stone hut was built at Ósar on the eastern side of the peninsula for seal watching.


Among geological features of Vatnsnes are Borgarvirki, a volcanic plug mentioned for its use as a fortress in the Sagas of Icelanders[citation needed], and Hvítserkur, a 15 m high basalt rock formation near the eastern shore of the peninsula.

Coordinates: 65°37′12″N 20°43′05″W / 65.620°N 20.718°W / 65.620; -20.718