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VATTICA - from right to left, Prentice, Alexander Millar and Adam Rez

Vattica, (stylized VATTICA) is an American Alternative rock Pop music band from Los Angeles, California. The band consists of Alexander Millar (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Prentice (drums, percussion, backing vocals).[1] They are signed to Another Century Records / Sony Music.[2]

Formed in early 2013, the band performed at venues such as The Viper Room, The Roxy Theater and The Troubadour. They were signed to a recording contract in 2015 by Another Century / Sony Music.[3]


VATTICA started in 2013 in Los Angeles, California as a collaboration between Alexander Millar, Prentice and Joey Jane (their original bass player). The band played its first concerts under different names before settling on the name "VATTICA", which is an invented combination of syllables the band felt fit them, as well as a nod to the film Gattaca, which is one of Alexander and Prentice's favorite movies.[4]

By 2014 the group had performed at various notable venues and clubs around Los Angeles and Southern California, including The Roxy Theater, The Whiskey a Go-Go, The Viper Room and The Troubadour. The group's demo album had been in the works for a year, with each member writing and contributing musical ideas and Alexander penning the lyrics. During this time the band recorded a single entitled "Run, Baby" featuring guest vocals by Ron Underwood of 9Electric.[5]

2014: Demo Album[edit]

In August 2014, VATTICA entered the studio to record a self-produced demo album in Los Angeles, CA. The majority of the recording was completed in just five days at LA Tone Studios in North Hollywood, CA. Additional recording was completed over the next two months at The Redbury Hotel, Hollywood, CA, The Omen Recording, Hollywood, CA and Goose Mix Studios, North Hollywood, CA. The album was mixed and mastered at The Omen Recording in Hollywood, CA by Damien Rainaud, with additional mastering completed by Moar Appelbaum in February 2014. The band released the demo and continued to perform locally.[6][7]

2015: Another Century Records Signing[edit]

In January 2015, VATTICA performed at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California and caught the attention of a representative for Another Century Records, who offered the band a record deal.[8][9]

2016 - 2017: Debut Album Recording[edit]

In 2016 VATTICA entered the studio to begin recording their debut album at The Mix Room in Burbank, CA with veteran producer Ben Grosse (Starset, Breaking Benjamin, Daughtry, Filter, Depeche Mode, Red, Vertical Horizon).[10]

2017 - 2018: Separation From Another Century And Single Release[edit]

In 2017 VATTICA finished their debut album, entitled “WE SURVIVE”. At the same time, Another Century was absorbed by RED Music [11] which ultimately resulted in VATTICA deciding to part ways with the label.[12] VATTICA then joined forces with new management and released their first single, “REMEMBER TO BREATHE”, on their own label VILLIS with distribution through The Orchard in April 2018.[13][14]

Musical Style[edit]

VATTICA performing live at The Echo in Los Angeles.
VATTICA performing live at The Echo in Los Angeles.

VATTICA’s music is alternative pop rock characterized by soaring vocal melodies, driving guitars, vast orchestration and commanding rhythm sections of wide dynamic variety.[15] Their lyrical content often reflects on the universal themes of the human experience, while also commenting on sociopolitical issues.[16] The band adopts a cinematic quality to both their creative process and musical style, as both Alexander and Prentice are highly influenced by film, particularly Sci-fi and Tech-noir.[17]


Current members

  • Alexander Millar - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Prentice - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Touring members

  • Adam Rez - bass, backing vocals

Former members

  • Joey Jane - bass, backing vocals
  • Tre Ulseth - guitar, backing vocals


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