Vaughan municipal election, 2000

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The City of Vaughan 2000 Municipal Election took place on 13 November 2000. One mayor, two regional councillors and five local councillors were elected for the city of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. In addition, local school trustees were elected to the York Region District School Board, York Catholic District School Board, Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest and Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud. These elections were held in conjunction with all other municipalities across Ontario. (see Ontario municipal elections, 2000).

Following the death of Mayor Lorna Jackson on April 5, 2002, Michael Di Biase was appointed by Vaughan council as interim mayor by virtue of his position as one of two regional councillors representing Vaughan. Gino Rosati, a Vaughan local councillor, was subsequently appointed by Vaughan Council to fill Di Biase’s position as regional councillor and a by-election was held on June 14, 2002 to fill Rosati’s local councillor’s position which was won by Linda Jackson.


Map of Vaughan's 5 Wards


Candidate Votes  %
Lorna Jackson (incumbent) 29,616
Franco E. Cavaliere 8,340

Regional Council[edit]

Candidate Votes  %
Michael Di Biase (incumbent) 27,839
Joyce Frustaglio (incumbent) 23,668
Phil Aiello 5,222
Fil Folino 4,743

Because Michael Di Biase received the highest vote count among the candidates for Regional Councillor, he was styled as the acting Mayor in cases where the Mayor is unavailable. However commonly confused, this is a different role than being the Deputy Mayor

Local Council[edit]

Ward 1[edit]

Candidate Votes  %
Mario Ferri (incumbent) 7,571
Noe Quatela 895

Ward 2[edit]

Candidate Votes  %
Gino Rosati (incumbent) 7,441
Frank Galati 1,460
Ernie Cutone 949

Ward 3[edit]

Candidate Votes  %
Bernie DiVona (incumbent) 5,349
Luigi Vescio 1,728

Ward 4[edit]

Candidate Votes  %
Mario Racco (incumbent) Acclaimed

Ward 5[edit]

Candidate Votes  %
Susan Kadis (incumbent) 5,164
Bernie Green 2,103

Ward 2 By-election[edit]

Held on June 14, 2002

Candidate Votes  %
Linda Jackson 1,551 23.52
Tony Carella 1,343 20.37
Dino Giuliani 1,137 17.25
Nick Pinto 948 14.38
Marcello Reda 357 5.41
Frances D’Aversa 312 4.73
Andrew Conti 259 4.47
Frank Galati 233 3.53
Rob Falbo 170 2.58
Americo Mazzoli 120 1.82
Claudio Chiappetta 96 1.46
Antonio Azzoli 31 0.47

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