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The City of Vaughan 2006 Municipal Election took place on 13 November 2006. One mayor, three regional councillors and five local councillors were elected for the city of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. In addition, local school trustees were elected to the York Region District School Board, York Catholic District School Board, Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest and Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud. These elections were held in conjunction with all other municipalities across Ontario, which for the first time elected politicians to four year terms, rather than three years as had previously been the case. (see Ontario municipal elections, 2006).


The 2006 municipal election in Vaughan saw a number of major upsets and a number of other close races - contrary to past results in the city elections. Many of the incumbents were expected[by whom?] to be unseated, although all but one was re-elected.


In the Mayoral race, former Regional Councillor Linda Jackson unseated incumbent Mayor and former Regional Councillor Michael Di Biase. This was the first time since the incorporation of the City of Vaughan that an incumbent mayor had been defeated. Jackson took the place of her mother, Lorna Jackson who had held the position before she succumbed to cancer prior to Di Biase's tenure. After the final results came in, Di Biase called for a recount due to the extremely close result [1]. However, he later called off the recount and filed an application for an injunction in the Ontario Superior Court requesting that the election be declared “illegal and void” [2] for a number of reasons including faulty vote-counting machines. On 22 November, Di Biase again reversed his decision, asking City Council to support a recount. The results of the recount were released Nov. 30. Jackson was once again declared mayor with 28,402 votes over Di Biase's 28,308.[3]

Regional Councillors[edit]

With Jackson no longer serving as a Regional Councillor, only two incumbents ran for that position, Mario Ferri and Joyce Frustaglio. In a surprise result, Frustaglio took first place in the race, making her the Deputy Mayor, a post held since Di Biase became Mayor by Mario Ferri. The third position was filled by a former Local and Regional Councillor, Gino Rosati.

Local Councillors[edit]

All five Ward Councilor positions were won by the incumbents, with many difficult challenges coming from former city staff and councillors.

Potential issues[edit]

  • Construction of the Thornhill Wal-Mart Mall [4]
  • Corporate donations to members of council[5][6]
  • Lack of a public hospital
  • Mayoral and councillor salaries
  • Traffic Gridlock[7]
  • New $96.3 Million Civic Centre construction, contracts and costs


Map of Vaughan's 5 Wards


Candidate Votes %
Linda D. Jackson 28,396 47.3
Michael Di Biase (incumbent) 28,306 47.2
Paul Stewart 2,645 4.4
Savino Quatela 637 1.1

Regional Council[edit]

Candidate Votes %
Joyce Frustaglio (incumbent) 30,202 22.6
Mario Ferri (incumbent) 26,855 20.1
Gino Rosati 26,129 19.6
Robert Craig 17,136 12.9
Joanna Cacciola-Lionti 11,876 8.9
Richard T. Lorello 7,525 5.6
Adriano Volpentesta 5,843 4.4
Franco Cavaliere 5,779 4.3
Quintino Mastrogiuseppe 2,037 1.5

Because Joyce Frustaglio received the highest vote count among the candidates for Regional Councillor, she is styled as the acting Mayor in cases where the Mayor is unavailable. However commonly confused, this is a different role than being the Deputy Mayor

Local Council[edit]

Ward 1[edit]

Candidate Votes %
Peter Meffe (incumbent) 6,706 48.7
Marylin Iafrate 5,122 37.2
Mary Ruffolo 1,945 14.1

Ward 2[edit]

Candidate Votes %
Tony Carella (incumbent) 6,359 43.6
Frank Cipollone 3,786 25.9
Deborah Schulte 2,751 18.9
Aurelio E. Acquaviva 907 6.2
Mario Di Nardo 486 3.3
Paul Donofrio 291 2.0

Ward 3[edit]

Candidate Votes %
Bernie DiVona (incumbent) 5,344 47.9
Rosanna De Francesca 3,883 34.8
Paul De Buono 1,942 17.4

Ward 4[edit]

Candidate Votes %
Sandra Yeung-Racco (incumbent) 3,695 41.2
Tina Molinari 2,869 32
Joe Levy 1,435 16
Vernon Hendrickson 970 10.8

Ward 5[edit]

Candidate Votes %
Alan Shefman (incumbent via by-election) 2,944 38.4
Bernie Green 2,732 35.6
Elliott Frankl 1,291 16.8
Yehuda Shahaf 706 9.2


  • Mario G. Racco (nomination withdrawn from Ward 4 on Jan. 20)
  • Aurelio E. Acquaviva (nomination withdrawn from Ward 1 on Aug. 15, moved to Ward 2)
  • Robert Craig (nomination withdrawn from Mayor on Aug. 28, moved to Regional Councillor)
  • Stan Grabowski (nomination withdrawn from Ward 2 on Sept. 27)
  • Gino Ruffolo (nomination withdrawn from Mayor on Oct. 2)


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  • An article on website Wikipedia entitled "Vaughan municipal election, 2006" was cited as an issue in the campaign; the Vaughan Citizen newspaper has, to date, published two articles about opposing allegations of politically biased edits to this article.[8][9]
  • The 2006 Vaughan municipal election has the largest percentage of female candidates (27.3%) in the province. Nine out of thirty three candidates are women. It is possible for women to win every seat with the exception of one of the regional council seats and the Ward 5 council seat although it is still possible for men to win every seat.
  • The Globe and Mail newspaper reports that Mayor Di Biase receives a salary of $164,074 [10] per year, making him one of the highest-paid municipal politicians in the country.[11] * The mayor of the largest city in Canada, David Miller of Toronto, which is over ten times the size of Vaughan in terms of population, receives $143,635 per year. The average salary of Vaughan councillors is $102,657, compared to Toronto councillors at $85,497.

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