Vaughn Hockey

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Vaughn Hockey
IndustrySports equipment
Founded1982; 39 years ago (1982)
FounderMike Vaughn
ProductsIce hockey protective gear

Vaughn Hockey (also known as Vaughn Custom Sports[1]) is a manufacturing company[2] of ice hockey equipment founded in 1982[3] by company President Mike Vaughn.[4][5]

Based out of Oxford, Michigan and London, Ontario,[1] Vaughn became one of the first major hockey production companies to use multiple foam layers in equipment.[6]

Products manufactured by Vaughn include mostly protective gear such as goalie masks, pants, neck guards, shoulder pads, shin guards, gloves, blockers, jockstraps, elbow pads. Other items include sticks, and bags.[citation needed]

In past years, Vaughn Hockey was the North American manufacturer and distributor of Swiss company "Graf Hockey".[2]


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