Večer (Slovenia)

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TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherVečer mediji, d.o.o.
EditorMatija Stepišnik
Political alignmentCentrism
Circulation25,000 (2017)
WebsiteOfficial website

Večer (English: Evening) is a daily newspaper published in Maribor, Slovenia.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Večer was officially established on 9 May 1945 as a publication declaring the liberation of Maribor called Maribor svoboden (English: Maribor Free). Regular circulation started on 25 May 1945 under the name Vestnik. But it was not before 1949 that it became a daily newspaper. In 1952, the newspaper was renamed Večer.[2]

Slovenia's major newspaper company Delo, d.d. holds almost 80% of shares of Večer. In June 2010, the company attempted to sell its 79.24% stake to a small IT company, 3Lan, based in Murska Sobota.[3] The sale was ordered by the competition watchdog to reduce its majority in the paper.[3][4] However, the proposal of the IT company was not accepted by the ministry of culture.[4]

The circulation of Večer was 62,000 copies in 2003.[5] Its 2007 circulation was 53,500 copies, making it the fourth most read daily in the country.[6] As of 2013 it was the third largest daily newspaper in Slovenia (not counting tabloids) with a circulation of about 130.000 copies daily.[7]

There are several weekly supplements and separate editions published by Večer:

  • Kvadrati (Squares) a supplement about home decoration and maintenance;
  • Bonbon (Bon bon) a lifestyle supplement;
  • Zmigaj se (Let's Move) about spare time activities;
  • TV Večer is a weekly TV guide;
  • V soboto (On Saturday) comments on politics, economy and culture by notable columnists;
  • 7 dni (7 Days) a family supplement;
  • Naš dom (Our Home) about design, trends and ambient;
  • Vroči Kaj (Hot What) is a separate erotic magazine.


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