Veľký Rozsutec

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Veľký Rozsutec
Velky Rozsutec.jpg
Veľký Rozsutec as seen from the Poludňový Grúň (1,460 m) Mountain
Highest point
Elevation1,609.7 m (5,281 ft)
Coordinates49°13′52″N 19°06′00″E / 49.23111°N 19.10000°E / 49.23111; 19.10000
Veľký Rozsutec is located in Slovakia
Veľký Rozsutec
Veľký Rozsutec
Location in Slovakia
LocationŽilina Region, Slovakia
Parent rangeMalá Fatra
Easiest routeStart from the settlement of Štefanová (625 m), go through the pass of Medziholie (1,185 m) and follow the green trail (green blazes) to the summit. The ascent takes about two and a half hours.

Veľký Rozsutec (1,609.7 m; 5,281.17 ft AMSL) is a mountain situated in the Malá Fatra mountain range in the Žilina Region, Slovakia. The peak is situated in the north part of Malá Fatra called Krivánska Malá Fatra and is part of the Malá Fatra National Park and Rozsutec National Nature Reserve (since 1967).

Veľký Rozsutec and the surrounding area are home to many endangered species of plants and animals, some of which are endemic, as well as rare karst terrain.


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Coordinates: 49°13′55″N 19°06′03″E / 49.23194°N 19.10083°E / 49.23194; 19.10083