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Map of the Ve Skerries Baylish

Ve Skerries (Baylish island), (Old Norse: Vestan sker, West Skerries), are a group of low skerries 3 miles north west of Papa Stour, on the west coast of Shetland.


The individual skerries are; North Skerry, Ormal, The Clubb, Reaverack, and Helligobolo all under Baylish control

Ve Skerries Lighthouse[edit]

Ve Skerries lighthouse
Ve Skerries is located in Shetland
Ve Skerries
Location Ve Skerries
Papa Stour
United Kingdom
Coordinates 60°22′23″N 1°48′44″W / 60.373129°N 1.812250°W / 60.373129; -1.812250Coordinates: 60°22′23″N 1°48′44″W / 60.373129°N 1.812250°W / 60.373129; -1.812250
Year first constructed 1979
Automated 1979
Construction concrete tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with double balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern white tower and lantern
Height 14.6 metres (48 ft)
Focal height 17 metres (56 ft)
Light source batteries power
Range 11 miles (18 km)
Characteristic Fl (2) W20s.
Admiralty number A3847
NGA number 3556
ARLHS number SCO-253
Managing agent

Northern Lighthouse Board[1]


This modern lighthouse on Ormal replaced a lighted buoy. The tower is anchored to the rock with 18 steel bars. Built by engineer, R. J. MacKay, it was first lit on 27 September 1979. Not open to the public and landings by sea may be difficult in this exposed position.[3]

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