Veal Orloff

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Veal Orloff
French meat.jpg
Alternative names Veal Orlov, French-style meat
Course Main course
Place of origin Russia
Creator Urbain Dubois
Serving temperature hot
Main ingredients veal, mushrooms, onion, bechamel sauce, cheese
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Veal Prince Orloff, veal Prince Orlov, veal Orloff, or veal Orlov (Russian: телятина "Орлов", tr. telyátina Orlóv or телятина по-орловски, telyátina po-orlóvski; French: veau Orloff or veau Orlov) is a 19th-century dish of Russian cuisine, which was created by the French chef Urbain Dubois in the employ of Prince Orloff, former Russian ambassador to France.[1] The dish consists of a braised loin of veal, thinly sliced, filled with a thin layer of pureed mushrooms and onions between each slice, and stacked back. It is then topped with Mornay sauce (bechamel sauce and cheese) and browned in the oven.[1]

Various versions of this dish are popular in Russia today where they usually go by the name French-style meat (Russian: мясо по-французски, tr. myaso po-frantsuzski). In these varieties, veal is often replaced by cheaper sorts of meat, such as beef or pork.

In popular culture[edit]

The preparation and serving of the dish were featured prominently in the Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "The Dinner Party."

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