Veba vs Grand Central

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Veba Vs Grand Central
Veba vsGrandCentral albumcover.jpg
Compilation album by Veba
Released 25 January 2005
Genre Electronica / Hip Hop
Label Grand Central Records
Grand Central Records chronology
Grand Central Translation
(2004) Grand Central Translation2004
Veba Vs Grand Central
(2005) Veba Vs Grand Central2005
Grand Central Vol. 3
(2005) Grand Central Vol. 32005

Veba Vs Grand Central is a compilation album of various Grand Central Records artists. It brings together many of the tracks and remixes upon which Veba appeared as a featured vocalist, until 2005.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Spellbound" (Andy Madhatter's Old English mix) – Rae & Christian
  2. "All I Ask" (DJ Spinna remix) – Rae & Christian
  3. "Lavish" (Deadbeats remix) – Mark Rae
  4. "Don't Want to Lose You" – Tony D
  5. "Slippin" – Fingathing
  6. "Swansong (For a Nation)" – Rae & Christian
  7. "Without You Now" – Mark Rae
  8. "Fold Or Flower" – Mark Rae
  9. "Fool" – Rae & Christian
  10. "Addicted" – Only Child
  11. "Spellbound" (Rae & Christian's Central Heating mix) – Rae & Christian

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