Vecauce Manor

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Vecauce manor
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General information
Architectural style Neo-Gothic
Town or city Auce municipality
Country Latvia
Construction started 1839
Completed 1843
Client Count Karl von Medem
Design and construction
Architect Friedrich August Stüler

Vecauce Manor (Latvian: Vecauces muižas pils, German: Schloss Alt-Autz), also called Auce Manor, is a manor house near the town of Auce in the historical region of Zemgale, in Latvia.[1] Designed by Friedrich August Stüler for Count Karl von Medem,[2] the construction began in 1839 and was completed in 1843.[3]

During the Revolution of 1905 manor was burned down. Von Medem family restored the manor in 1907 but interiors was simplified and lost most of decorations. After Latvian Agrarian reforms in 1920 Manor was nationalized and became property of University of Latvia. Manor was used as a place of practice for students of agriculture. During the Second World war manor was heavily damaged. After the war manor was taken over by Latvia University of Agriculture who reconstructed the building. Manor lost most of the remaining interiors as the rooms were replanned and adapted for educational purposes. Since 1956 all students of agronomy and zootechnics from Latvia University of Agriculture studied their practical courses in the Vecauce Manor. University of Agriculture still owns the manor and today it houses Study and research farm Vecauce.

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