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Categories Women's magazine
Lifestyle magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 40,600 (2014)
Publisher Bonnier Tidskrifter AB
Founder Albert Bonnier
Year founded 1935; 80 years ago (1935)
Company Bonnier Media Group
Country Sweden
Based in Stockholm
Language Swedish
Website VeckoRevyn

VeckoRevyn is a Swedish monthly lifestyle and women's magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden.

History and profile[edit]

VeckoRevyn was created in 1935[1] by Albert Bonnier, released by Bonnier Media Group, nowadays operating in 21 countries worldwide. The publisher of the magazine is Bonnier Tidskrifter AB and its headquarters is in Stockholm.[1] The magazine is published on a monthly basis.[2] Ebba von Sydow edited the magazine.

VeckoRevyn had a circulation of 67,000 copies in 1999.[3] In 2014 the circulation of the magazine was 40,600 copies.[1]


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