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Inga Tidblad.jpg
Inga Tidblad on the cover of Veckorevyn
Editor Karolina Olovsson
Categories Women's magazine
Lifestyle magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 40,600 (2014)
Publisher Bonnier Tidskrifter AB
Founder Albert Bonnier
Year founded 1935; 81 years ago (1935)
Company Bonnier Media Group
Country Sweden
Based in Stockholm
Language Swedish
Website VeckoRevyn

VeckoRevyn is a Swedish monthly lifestyle and women's magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden.

History and profile[edit]

VeckoRevyn was created in 1935[1] by Albert Bonnier, released by Bonnier Media Group, nowadays operating in 21 countries worldwide. The publisher of the magazine is Bonnier Tidskrifter AB and its headquarters is in Stockholm.[1] The magazine is published on a monthly basis.[2] Ebba von Sydow edited the magazine.

VeckoRevyn had a circulation of 67,000 copies in 1999.[3] In 2014 the circulation of the magazine was 40,600 copies.[1] The magazine was the owner of Miss Sweden beauty pageant.

people who appeared on the cover[edit]


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