Vecpiebalga Parish

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Vecpiebalga parish (Latvian: Vecpiebalgas pagasts) is an administrative unit of the Vecpiebalga Municipality, Latvia. It is one of the 5 parishes in this municipality. Before the administrative reform of 2009, the Vecpiebalga parish was one of the 21 parishes in the former Cēsis District.

Vecpiebalga parish is the birthplace of the writers Reinis Kaudzīte, Matīss Kaudzīte and Kārlis Skalbe.

Towns, villages and settlements of Vecpiebalga parish[edit]

Coordinates: 57°03′30″N 25°49′04″E / 57.05833°N 25.81778°E / 57.05833; 25.81778