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Vector 13 is a 2000 AD comic strip which featured the eponymous agency set up to investigate anomalous phenomena and conspiracy theories. It was influenced by The X-Files (which was at the height of its popularity at the time) and other events like the 1995 release of the alien autopsy film. However, it was very much of its time, and as the general interest in the paranormal and parapolitics waned, the series was wound up and replaced by Pulp Sci-Fi as a venue for single issue self-contained stories. In turn it foreshadowed other agencies such as Caballistics, Inc. and the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

It is notable not just for the number of (usually single issue) installments produced in such a short space of time but for the wide mix of the best of the comic's talent of that period. It really acted to bring together the various tales from Tharg's Future Shocks, Terror Tales and Beyond Science under one "umbrella" plot. The format was created by former 2000 AD editor and long-time contributor, Alan McKenzie.


Each story was presented, by the Men in Black, as being a true file from their cases touching on a whole range of Forteana from Mothman to the Chupacabras and broader conspiracy theories such as those surrounding Project MKULTRA.

In the middle of the series run (and as the interest in such subjects peaked) the MiB even broke out of their own strip and took over the running of the magazine from #1014 (appearing as part of the logo from #1015), as Tharg was away dealing with a crisis. This first issue coinciding with a promotion of the X-Files series 2 trading cards.


Installments include:

  • Series 6:
    • "Case One: Houdini" (with Dan Abnett and Robert McCallum, in 2000 AD #1078, 1998)
    • "Case Two: Chill Out" (with D. McDonagh and Charles Gillespie, in 2000 AD #1079, 1998)
    • "Case Three: Shades of Grey" (with Dan Abnett and Robert McCallum, in 2000 AD #1080, 1998)
    • "Case Four: Einstein's Monsters" (with Gordon Rennie and Cyril Julien, in 2000 AD #1081, 1998)
    • "Case Five: Seal of Solomon" (with Gordon Rennie and Alex Ronald, in 2000 AD #1082, 1998)
    • "Case Six: Godhead Revisited" (with Dan Abnett and Allan Bednar, in 2000 AD #1083, 1998)
  • A stand alone episode:
    • "Divine Fury" (with Lee Marks and Cliff Robinson, in 2000 AD #1117, 1998)

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