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Vector Security, Inc.
IndustrySecurity Alarms, Security Alarms, Fire Alarm systems, Carbon Monoxide detectors, Fire suppression, Security systems, Communication systems, Video surveillance, Access control, Electronic article surveillance, Home Automation, Retail loss prevention, Network Security
HeadquartersWarrendale, Pennsylvania, U.S.
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Vector Security, Inc. is the ranked #5 largest electronic security company in the United States.[1][2] They provide commercial and residential electronic security, video surveillance, mobile and smart home and automation solutions, access control, and fire and intrusion protection across North America and Canada. The corporate office is located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania.[3]


Vector Security, Inc. traces its roots back to The Philadelphia Contributionship (TPC), America’s oldest property insurance company founded in part by Benjamin Franklin in 1752.[4] Now the sister company of Vector Security, TPC was established as a mutual insurance company, where policyholders would come together to share risk of losses by fire.[5]

In the 1970s, Westinghouse Security Division sold to Westec to become a franchised network of security dealers. Eventually, Vector Security was formed through the acquisition of Kilbourne Security, a Philadelphia-based Westec Dealer and Pittsburgh PA based Westec Dealer. The company’s first name was PC Security and was then changed to Vector Security soon thereafter. Vector Security then began serving customers in Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia.[6]

In 1992, Vector Security began serving national retailers with the launch of its National Accounts Division, which expanded into Canada in 1996.[7]

In 2012, the company underwent re-branding and introduced its current logo and tagline, “Intelligent security tailored for you.”[8]

In August 2013, Vector Security acquired Industry Retail Group (IRG) to expand its offerings by adding managed network services to its portfolio of solutions for retailers and multisite businesses.[9]

In 2015, the company acquired Pelican Security Network, Inc., a regional alliance of independent life safety and security services providers, expanding its footprint along the Gulf Coast from southwest Florida through Louisiana to Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas.[10]

The company has won awards including Dealer of the Year by SDM Magazine (2003, 2015);[11][12] Sammy Award: Installer of the Year (Large) from SSI Magazine (2016).[13] Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award from the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) (2006);[14] Central Station of the Year from Central Station Alarm Association (2006);[15] and Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award (2008).[16]

Operations today[edit]

Vector Security, Inc. provides business and home security systems to more than 300,000 customers in North America including multi-site retailers.[17] The company offers intrusion and fire alarms, video surveillance, mobile and home automation solutions, access control, electronic article surveillance, robbery/assault notification and a range of loss prevention solutions.[18][19][20]

Additionally, with the 2013 acquisition of Industry Retail Group, Inc (IRG)[21] Vector Security has also become the largest provider of managed infrastructure and business intelligence services in the United States.[22]

The company is based in Warrendale, Pennsylvania and serves residential, business and national retailers and multisite businesses through a network of branch locations and authorized dealers.[23]

Vector Security dealers[edit]

Vector Security, Inc. has an authorized dealer program. Under this program, independent dealers offer the same security system solutions offered by Vector Security branches. These security products and services are then monitored by Vector Security.[24]

Products and services[edit]

  • Intrusion and fire alarms[3]
  • Video surveillance[3]
  • Mobile technologies[3]
  • Home automation[3]
  • Access control[3]
  • Loss prevention strategies[3]


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