Vector W2

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Vector W2
Manufacturer Vector Motors
Production 1980
Body and chassis
Class Sports car prototype
Layout mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine 5.7 L (350 cu in) twin-turbo Chevrolet V8
Transmission 3-speed THM425 automatic
Successor Vector W8

The Vector W2 is a concept car created by Vector Motors in 1980. It has a twin-turbocharged 350 cid (5.7 L) Donovan V8 engine that produced over 600 hp (450 kW) and over 600 ft·lbf (800 N·m) of torque.[1] The top speed was a claimed 242 mph (389 km/h).[2]

The name comes from the "W" for Jerry Wiegert (designer and founder of Vector) and "2" for the number of turbos. Even though this car was a prototype, the car was repainted to verify different paint schemes prior to production and was photographed by many magazines after being repainted several different colors. Between 1982 and 1987, Wiegert attempted to raise the money to start production of his car. In its lifetime, the car has covered over 100,000 miles (160,000 km) in testing, more than any other concept car. In 1989, a modified version of the W2 went in production as the Vector W8.

Currently, the Vector W2 prototype is owned by Wiegert. The car is currently dismantled, and stored alongside other Vector equipment in the current Vector headquarters in Wilmington, California.


A Vector W2 was used in the Remington Steele episode "License to Steele"; portrayed as the product of a fictional car company, it was called the Hunter Jet Star 6000.[3]


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