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Cover of the first volume
Cover of the second volume

Veda Slovena (Веда Словена in Modern Bulgarian, originally written as Веда Словенахъ) is allegedly a forged collection of folk songs and legends of the Muslim Bulgarians; the subtitle of the book indicated that they were collected from the regions of Thrace and Macedonia (see image right). The first volume of which was printed in 1874 in Belgrade and the second in 1881 in Saint Petersburg under the authorship of Bosnian Croat Stefan Verković. The collection was assembled by Bulgarian teacher Ivan Gologanov for 12 years and is famous for containing numerous elements of ancient Slavic mythology notwithstanding the conversions first to Christianity and then to Islam.

Veda Slovena has been alleged to have been partly or fully forged by Gologanov ever since its publication, dividing scholarly circles into two groups, the one considering the texts to be forged, the other defending their genuineness.[1] Recently editions like "Bulgarian Encyclopaedia"[2] consider Veda Slovena to be a mystification.


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