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Vedhagiri (Malayalam: വേദഗിരി) (Sanskrit: वेद, véda, "knowledge and giri गिरि means "mountain") is in the district of Kottayam, Kerala, India, and is famous for the ashram monastery of the Hindu guru (teacher) Vedhavyasa (Devanāgarī).


It is believed that the pandavas (Mahābhārata) visited the vyasa during their exile life. Remnants of the monastery are seen on the top of a small hill called vedhagirimala. Hindus often visit the place and pray for their forefathers at the temple (Sri Dharma Shastha Kshethram) and have a snanam (holy bath) at the pond near the temple.


Kottayam Textiles, a Kerala government-owned spinning mill); KSE Ltd., a cattle feed factory; Quest Scientific Research Organisation, and various other small-scale industries are running on and around the vedhagiri hill.


Government UP school is the educational institution in vedhagiri.

Temples and Churches[edit]

SNDP Grumandhiram is the place of worship for Sri Narayana Guru's followers (Ezhavas). St. Mary's Syrian Catholic Church Vedhagiri, St. Mathew's Syrian Catholic Church, Kottakkupuram and St. Stephen's Knanaya Syrian Catholic Church, Kurumulloor are Christian churches in the area. The Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam, the famous Ettumanoor Temple and the Athirampuzha Church are within 5 kilometers of Vedhagiri.


There are several public and private bus services running through vedhagiri. The Ettumanoor railway station in 3 kilometers from Vedhagiri. Wikimapia Link>>