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Vedic Mantra Treatment (also called as Chikitsa is the ancient science originated from Vedas. This is a parallel science to Ayurveda also called as Alternative Medicine System.

Vedic Mantra Treatment is based on chanting Vedic mantras and awaken the body's natural healing mechanisms.[1] The right and systematic chanting of Vedic mantras produces a state where the end user receives positive energy which allows the body to come back to a natural state. Generally these mantras are chanted between 10,000 - 100,000 times in a systematic manner.

Vedic mantras are energy based sounds and Vedic mantra treatment is a great solution to treat physical and mental illnesses. Distinct from traditional Ayurveda, Vedic mantra treatment emphasizes the role of mantra chanting and the Vedic way of Living.

Vedic Approach[edit]

Vedic Mantra Treatment system uses a totally different model in understanding physical or mental sickness' compared to that of modern medicine.[2] Hence this treatment is done in a very natural way without using medicines or therapies. This is why Vedic Mantra Treatment uses Sanskrit mantras and their power of holy sounds as recommended in the Vedas.

Components of Vedic Mantra Treatment[edit]

Vedic Mantra Science, Systematic Mantra Chanting Procedure, Vedic Foods, Vedic Lifestyle, Performing Vedic Yajnas.[3]

What is a Mantra[edit]

A Mantra is a set of words recommended in the holy Vedas. Mantras are used during Puja (prayers) and Sadhanas. It is most important to pronounce them in the systematic way before getting into any practice. The Vedas claim that one can attain God, health, wealth and luck through chanting the right mantras correctly. The Vedas also recommend not to get into the practice of reciting mantras without complete faith and belief. A guide or Guru[2] is very much required to attain success.


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