Veer-class corvette

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INS Nirbhik.jpg
INS Nirbhik
Class overview
Name: Veer class
Operators:  Indian Navy
Preceded by: Durg class
Succeeded by: Khukri class
Planned: 15
Completed: 13
Cancelled: 2
Active: 8
Lost: 1
Retired: 4
General characteristics
Type: Corvette
Displacement: 455 tons[1]
Length: 56 m (184 ft)
Beam: 10.5 m (34 ft)
Draught: 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in)
Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph)
Complement: 41 (5 officers)

The Veer-class corvettes of the Indian Navy are a customized Indian variant of the Soviet Tarantul class.[1][3] They form the 22nd Killer Missile Vessel Squadron.[4]

Service history[edit]

Eight vessels of this class inherit their names from the 25th Killer missile boat squadron, which attacked and sank two destroyers, a minesweeper and various other support vessels off Karachi during Operation Trident and Operation Python of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

The last two vessels of this class were built as the upgraded Tarantul V with 16 SS-N-25 'Switchblade' / URAN E Missiles, 1 OTO Melara 76 mm instead of the AK-176, and MR 352 Positiv-E (NATO: Cross Dome) Radar.[2][5]

On 28 April 2016, INS Veer and INS Nipat were the first Veer-class corvettes to be decommissioned from the Indian Navy.[6]

Ships of the class[edit]

Name Pennant Builder Homeport Commissioned Decommissioned Status
INS Veer K40 Mumbai 26 March 1987 28 April 2016[7] Decommissioned
INS Nirbhik K41 Mumbai 21 December 1987 11 January 2018[8] Decommissioned
INS Nipat K42 Port Blair 5 December 1988 28 April 2016[7] Decommissioned
INS Nishank K43 Kochi 12 September 1989 Active
INS Nirghat K44 Mumbai 15 December 1989 11 January 2018[8] Decommissioned
INS Vibhuti K45 Mazagon Dock Limited Mumbai 3 June 1991 Active
INS Vipul K46 Mazagon Dock Limited Mumbai 16 March 1992 Active
INS Vinash K47 Goa Shipyard Limited Mumbai 20 November 1993 Active
INS Vidyut K48 Goa Shipyard Limited Kochi 16 January 1995 Active
INS Nashak K83 Goa Shipyard Limited Port Blair 29 December 1996 Active
INS Prahar K98 Goa Shipyard Limited Mumbai 1 March 1997 Sunk in collision on 22 April 2006
INS Prabal K92 Mazagon Dock Limited Mumbai 11 April 2002 Active
INS Pralaya K91 Goa Shipyard Limited Mumbai 18 December 2002 Active

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