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Directed by T. Rajender
Produced by T. Rajender
Written by T. Rajender
Starring T. Rajender
Sheela Kaur
M. S. Bhaskar
Music by T. Rajender
Cinematography T. Rajender
Edited by J. N. Harsha
Simbu Cine Arts
Release date
  • 2 February 2007 (2007-02-02)
Country India
Language Tamil

Veerasamy (Tamil: வீராசாமி) is a Tamil 2007 Tamil action film released in 2007 fully made by actor and producer T. Rajendar. Mumtaj and Meghana Naidu starred in the movie alongside him.[1][2]


Veerasamy (T. Rajendar) is a lawyer party leader and Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in chennai. His party has 13 MLA and is in support to the sitting government (126/234). He tries to do good things to people. His sister falls in love with a pimp's brother, and a neighbor Sarasu (Mumtaj) falls in love with Veerasamy. Veerasamy then has to handle family conflicts as well as working to win the local elections.[3] Due to some false witness, Veerasamy is found guilty of involvement in corruption. On hearing this, he dies of a heart attack. When he dies, Sarasu also drops dead.



The film began in late 2003 and progressed through production slowly.


The music was composed by Vijaya T. Rajendar along with the lyrics.[4]

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss)
1 Oru Vennilavu Prasanna, Amrutha Vijaya T. Rajendar 05.41
2 Hallo Kadhal Silambarasan, Premgi Amaren Vijaya T. Rajendar 03.17
3 Vadi En Kadhal Manicka Vinayagam Vijaya T. Rajendar 05.07
4 Yelelo Veerasamy Vijaya T. Rajendar Vijaya T. Rajendar 04.36
5 Madhana Kama Rasa Mathangi Vijaya T. Rajendar 05.34
6 Sollaiye Kadhal Vijaya T. Rajendar Vijaya T. Rajendar 03.37
7 Dai Dai Dai I Love you Febi Vijaya T. Rajendar 04.12
8 Varamparu Chandrakanth, Vijaya T. Rajendar Vijaya T. Rajendar 05.53
9 Marakka Mudiyale Vijaya T. Rajendar Vijaya T. Rajendar 06.36
10 Entha Kadhal Pollathathu Prasanna Vijaya T. Rajendar 05.07
11 Vachirukken Vijaya T. Rajendar, Anuradha Sriram Vijaya T. Rajendar 06.22


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