Veezhinathar Kovil, Thiruveezhimizhalai

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Veezhinathar Temple
Veezhinathar Kovil.jpg
Veezhinathar Temple is located in Tamil Nadu
Veezhinathar Temple
Veezhinathar Temple
Location in Tamil Nadu
Proper name Veezhinathar Kovil
Coordinates 10°46′N 79°50′E / 10.767°N 79.833°E / 10.767; 79.833Coordinates: 10°46′N 79°50′E / 10.767°N 79.833°E / 10.767; 79.833
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Thiruvarur
Location Thiruveezhimizhalai, Kudavasal
Primary deity Veezhinathar (Shiva)
Consort Azhagiya Maamulai Amman (Parvathi)
Architectural styles Dravidian architecture

Veezhinathar Temple is an ancient temple located in Thiruveezhimizhalai dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thiruveezhimizhalai is a revenue village in Kudavasal Taluka of Thiruvarur District in Tamil Nadu, India. This temple is the 61st Padal Petra Kovil in the Chola Naadu, South of Kaveri.


Parvati is said to have been reborn as Katyayani and married Shiva here. Vishnu received the cosmic weapon Chakrayudam from Shiva here in lieu of the 1000 flower worship to Shiva. A panel depicting the divine marriage is seen behind the Shivalingam. The Moolvar vimanam is believed to be brought to here by Mahavishnu.


Image of the hall of the temple where bats cannot reside

The name Thiruveezhimizhalai is said to have come from two legends that took place here.

The place was once a forest full of Sandhanam (Sandalwood), Senbagai, Pala (Jackfruit), Vila which is called Veezhi in Tamil. Also there is a plant by name Veezhi which grows in abundance at this place. Hence it is called Veezhi Kaadu(forest).

Secondly there was a hunter by name Mizhalai Kurumbar who lived here. He used to offer Vila fruit to Lord Shiva daily. Seeing his bhakthi, Lord Shiva gave dharsan to him.

Lord Shiva + Veezhi Plants + Mizhalai Kurumbar = Thiruveezhimizhalai

When Sambandar and Thirunavukarasar visit this place, there was a severe drought all around. They prayed to Lord Shiva who gave Padikasu (Gold Coin) one each every day to both of them. Sambandar gets Padikasu at the Pedam in front of Mahamandapam. Navukarasar gets gold coin in the Pedam in Merkku (west) prakaram(closed precincts of a temple). Using these gold coin, they offered food to the needy people.

The Math where they did anandanam is located on Vadaku Therodum Veedhi (North car Street).

How to reach[edit]

Image of the sanctum and entry tower

From Kumbakonam, take Thiruvarur road till Natchiyar Koil and from there, take Poonthotam-Natchiyar Koil Road to reach Thenkarai. From Thenkarai, cross the Arasalarur in the north and walk 1 km. to reach Thiruveezhimizhalai temple.

Those who come from Chennai or Puducherry can come up to Mayavaram and take Mayavarum-Thiruvarur Road up to Poonthottam. From Poonthottam, take Poonthotam-Natchiyar Koil Road to reach Thenkarai.

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