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Vefa SK
Vefa SK Logo
Full name Vefa Spor Kulübü
Nickname(s) Genç Keçiler (Young Goats)
Founded 1908 (109 years ago) (1908)
Ground Vefa Stadium,
İstanbul, Turkey
Ground Capacity 6,500[1]
Chairman Turkey Mesut Gülbaran
Manager Turkey Adnan Keskin
League Turkish Regional Amateur League
2015-16 Turkish Regional Amateur League, Group 8, 3rd

Vefa SK is a football club in Vefa, neighborhood of the Fatih (Eminönü between 1928–2008) district of İstanbul. The team currently competing at Bölgesel Amatör Lig 8th Grup which is 5th level of Turkish leagues. Vefa SK is the first and only Turkish club coached by a female manager, Özgür Gözüaçık Akyıldız.


Vefa SK in 1919

The club was founded in 1908 when Turkish football was legalized. The club was formed by the students from Vefa Idadisi (Vefa College), Saim Turgut Aktansel, Zeki (Baban), Hikmet (Barlan), Rıfat (Baban), Sudi Cavit (Oral), Tevfik (Kut), Yusuf Ziya and Sabri Beyler as Vefa Idman Yurdu. Following foundation of the Republic of Turkey, club's name change into Vefa Spor Klubu (Vefa Sport Club).

They played in the İstanbul League until the establishment of the Turkcell Super League in 1959, for which they qualified. Vefa were relegated to the Second League (2. Lig) first time in 1962-63. They became the champions of the second league in 1964-65. They were relegated again in 1973-74. They stayed in the second league until 1986-87 season. They were relegated from 3rd division to amateur league in 1993-94. They played in the third league in 1998-99 and 1999-2000 seasons. Today they play in the amateur leagues. Their ground is the 6,000 capacity Vefa Stadı. Vefa finished İstanbul 4th Group of Super Amateur as champions[2] and qualified to play-offs for Regional Amateur League. They finished it as 6th [3] and qualified to Regional Amateur League play-outs. They faced with Bayrampaşa Tunaspor in 6 May 2012 and won as 3-1. Consequently, they promoted to Regional Amateur League (RAL) for 2012-13 season.[4] They finished 9rd[clarification needed] group of RAL as 2nd and didn't qualified to promotion play-off. They finished 11th group of RAL as 8th, but they relegated to Istanbul Super Amateur due to Vefa finished below Dikilitaş, which was another Istanbul team according to RAL rules in 2013-14 season.[5] Vefaspor finished 1st Group of Istanbul Super Amateur League as 1st and qualified to promotion play-offs in 2014-15 season.[6] Vefaspor finished play-offs as 3rd and returned to RAL immediately.[7]

The club's colours are green and white.

Vefa SK Turkish Professional League history[edit]

They played in total 14 seasons in the top Turkish league.

The first ever national professional Turkish league (called Milli Lig - National League) started in 1959. Vefa was one of the founder member of Turkish Professional League. In 1959 Turkish Professional League was played in two stages - the Groups and the Final. The winners of each group qualified to the second stage. Vefa was placed in Group Red. They just missed the final, coming second after Galatasaray.

Turkish Professional League in 1959.

Adalet formed in 1946 as Adalet Gençlik Kulübü, and become Alibeyköy Adalet SK in 1971, then become Alibeyköy in 1980.

Vefa SK's all participations in the Turkish Professional League (Turkcell Super League) as follows;

  • 1959: 2nd in the Group Red, P: 20, G: 14, W: 7, D: 6, L: 1, F: 21, A: 10.
  • 1959-60: 11th place, P: 335, G: 38, W: 11, D: 13, L: 14, F: 37, A: 60.
  • 1960-61: 6th place, P: 41, G: 38, W: 13, D: 15, L: 10, F: 32, A: 39.
  • 1961-62: 18th place, P: 31, G: 38, W: 11, D: 9, L: 18, F: 29, A: 48.
  • 1962-63: 10th place in the Group White, P: 13, G: 20, W: 3, D: 7, L: 10, F: 22, A: 37, Relegated to Turkish Second Division.
  • 1965-66: 11th place, P: 27, G: 30, W: 9, D: 9, L: 12, F: 26, A: 36.
  • 1966-67: 13th place, P: 29, G: 32, W: 9, D: 11, L: 12, F: 31, A: 35.
  • 1967-68: 12th place, P: 29, G: 32, W: 8, D: 13, L: 11, F: 31, A: 35.
  • 1968-69: 13th place, P: 24, G: 30, W: 8, D: 8, L: 14, F: 27, A: 37.
  • 1969-70: 13th place, P: 25, G: 30, W: 7, D: 11, L: 12, F: 19, A: 28.
  • 1970-71: 14th place, P: 22, G: 30, W: 4, D: 14, L: 12, F: 28, A: 48.
  • 1971-72: 10th place, P: 28, G: 30, W: 9, D: 10, L: 11, F: 23, A: 27.
  • 1972-73: 14th place, P: 22, G: 30, W: 6, D: 10, L: 14, F: 22, A: 35.
  • 1973-74: 16th place, P: 17, G: 30, W: 5, D: 7, L: 18, F: 16, A: 39. (Relegated to Turkish Second Division)

Vefa SK's Turkish Second Division (currently known as TFF 1. League) History;

  • 1963-64: Second League 4th
  • 1964-65: Second League 1st (Promoted to First (Now Turkey Super League)
  • 1974-75: Second Division Group Red 15th.
  • 1975-76: Second Division Group White 5th.
  • 1976-77: Second Division Group White 8th.
  • 1977-78: Second Division Group White 8th.
  • 1978-79: Second Division Group White 4th.
  • 1979-80: Second Division Group B 6th.
  • 1980-81: Second Division Group B 9th.
  • 1981-82: Second Division Group A 5th.
  • 1982-83: Second Division Group A 8th.
  • 1983-84: Second Division Group B 5th.
  • 1984-85: Second Division Group C 8th.
  • 1985-86: Second Division Group C 8th.
  • 1986-87: Second Division Group C 16th. (Relegated to Turkish Third Division)

Current squad[edit]

As of 21 September 2015. Source

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Turkey GK Özgür Solak (vice captain)
12 Turkey GK Anıl Tezcan
Turkey GK Mehmet Kırmızıtaş
2 Turkey DF Emin Çelik
3 Turkey DF Muhammed Emin Yamağ
5 Turkey DF Sarper Salih Ağca
4 Turkey DF Muhammed Çetin Polat
Turkey DF Burak Uğur
18 Turkey DF Şakir Örs
6 Turkey MF Mehmet Yılmaz
16 Turkey MF Emin Soğuk
No. Position Player
14 Turkey MF Yunusay Topçu
10 Turkey MF Fırat Işık (captain)
7 Turkey MF Tunç Yalçın
11 Turkey MF Yasin Sakaloğlu
Turkey MF Doğuş Cen Kazan
8 Turkey MF Samet Bektaş
Turkey MF Hüseyin Kaya
17 Turkey MF Yasin Tunçeli
15 Turkey FW Hilmi Can Ercan
13 Turkey FW Gökhan Öztürk
9 Turkey FW Sefa Turan

Notable players[edit]

Notable supporters[edit]

National players[edit]

Vefa SK players capped for Turkey national Football Team whilst playing for Vefa SK:

Vefa SK players scored for Turkey National Football Team whilst playing for Vefa SK;


League participations[edit]

1959-1963, 1965-1974

1963-1965, 1974-1987

1987-1994, 1998-2000

2012-2014, 2015–16

1994-1998, 2000-2012, 2014–15

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  • Vefa Terbiye-i Bedeniyye Kulübü. Türk Futbol Tarihi vol.1. page(23). (June 1992) Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu Yayınları.

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