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Vegan Ireland: The Vegan Society of Ireland is a nonprofit and voluntary organisation formed in 2009 by a group of vegans concerned with the promotion of the vegan philosophy and lifestyle in Ireland. Inspired by the original Vegan Society (UK), which was started in 1944 by Donald Watson, Vegan Ireland have published a mission statement[1] which aims to offer support and information to people interested in veganism; to promote and increase awareness of veganism as a just, healthy and environmentally beneficial lifestyle choice; raise awareness of the rights violations and exploitation involved with the production of animal based products; research information relevant to a vegan lifestyle and where appropriate to publish this information, lobby for manufacturers to use non-animal based materials in their products; support and promote real science and reject vivisection on moral and scientific grounds; promote respect towards all animals, human or nonhuman, and the environment by appropriate means; and develop and maintain positive relationships with organisations with compatible aims and objectives to Vegan Ireland.[citation needed]

In August 2012, press officer Roger Yates published an opinion and analysis piece in The Irish Times,[2] which led to a series of radio appearances.

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