Vegetarian and non-vegetarian marks

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Vegetarian and non-vegetarian marks
Veg NonVeg SVG.svg
The green dot symbol (left) identifies lacto-vegetarian food, and the brown dot symbol (right) identifies non-vegetarian food.
Effective regionIndia / Sri Lanka / Pakistan
Effective since2006[1]
Product categoryPackaged food products
Legal statusMandatory
Mandatory since2011[1]

Packaged food and toothpaste products sold in India are required to be labelled with a mandatory mark in order to be distinguished between lacto-vegetarian and non-vegetarian.[1] The symbol is in effect following the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Act of 2006, and got a mandatory status after the framing of the respective regulations (Food Safety and Standards [Packaging and Labelling] Regulation) in 2011.[1] According to the law, vegetarian food should be identified by a green symbol and non-vegetarian food with a brown symbol.[1]

Restaurants use voluntary Vegan Friendly mark to denote availability of vegan options. Packaged food manufacturers also use a variation of Vegan Friendly mark for their vegan offerings.[citation needed]

The fact that the symbols are identical in shape mean that a person with color blindness may not be able to distinguish them. It is recommended by some, to use a different shape in place of the brown dot.[citation needed]

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