Vehari Wildlife Park

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Vehari Wildlife Park
Date opened 1988[1]
Location Eidgah Road, Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan
Coordinates 30°02′15″N 72°21′01″E / 30.037376°N 72.350351°E / 30.037376; 72.350351Coordinates: 30°02′15″N 72°21′01″E / 30.037376°N 72.350351°E / 30.037376; 72.350351
Land area 16 acres (6 ha)[1]
No. of animals ~210
No. of species ~20
Major exhibits lions, blue bull, hog deer

Vehari Wildlife Park is a public wildlife park located in Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan.


Vehari Wildlife Park was established in 1988 on an area of 16 acres (6 ha) at a cost 3 million rupees by Government of Punjab.[1] The park has been reported in 2007 to have lost "a dozen of animals" in past 6 years due to negligence and unavailability of a veterinary doctor.


The park housed a total of 73 mammals of 7 species and 139 birds of 14 species back in 2004.[2] These may have included captive lions, blue bull, hog deer, common peafowl, species of monkeys, rabbits, pheasants, waterfowls and parrots.


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