Vehicle registration plates of Azerbaijan

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Vehicle registration plate of Azerbaijan
Rectangular format (rear) plate. Unlike the rear, the DIN shaped front plate on this car has dashes.

Vehicle registration plates of Azerbaijan are usually composed of two numbers (identifying the vehicle registration department), a hyphen, two letters, a hyphen and three numbers (e.g. 10-JA-234), the plates are coloured black font on a white background. The plates are the same size as European plates and usually have an Azerbaijan flag and the initials 'AZ' on the left side.

According to Olavsplates, new style plates with a rectangular flag and a microchip are being introduced, but pictures of such plates are missing and very hard to find on the web.

Since January 2011 the Azerbaijan License Plate incorporates an RFiD TAG/chip, the RFiD TAG is placed on the lower left corner of the LP below the Azerbaijan national flag, in most plates the TAG has the "AZ" letters printed on. The TAG may move to the top right corner and lose the "AZ" printing on some of the more squared LP formats. The colour of the LP still varies depending on the vehicles usage and ownership.

The Portuguese company Porta Saber, Lda is supplying the License Plate RFiD TAG and the License Plate RFiD Reading System and Software.

Sample of a current Azerbaijan license plate with RFiD TAG.

Car designations[edit]

As with Turkish plates (which in turn adopted a reversed version of the former French license plate system), in Azeri plates the first two digits of the license plate represent the department, followed by a progressive 2-letter and 3-number system (progression starting with AA-001 and ending with ZZ-999). Below is a list of digits and relevant departments:

Types of Plates[edit]

Private vehicles[edit]

Pelak shakhsi-AZ.png
  • Government Officials - Composed XX-AA-XXX
  • Presidential Administration - Composed XX-PA-XXX
  • President's Secret Service - Composed XX-PM-XXX
  • Trailers - Composed the same way as usual Azerbaijan plates, but with no hyphen.
  • Foreign series - Composed of a letter, three numbers a space and three more numbers.

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