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Cambodian vehicle license plates are the license plates attached to most motorized road vehicles in Cambodia, which are required by law. Khmer license plates display the name of the province where the vehicle was registered. The owner must register the car in the province where he lives; this can be a different province from where he has his official residency (as shown in the house register). If the title to the car is transferred to someone else, and the new owner lives in a different province, the number usually changes.


Common types[edit]

The current Khmer vehicle license plate format, used since April 1, 2004, has one class number, one letter of Latin alphabet, four numbers (from 0001 to 9999) and the Khmer name of the province in which the car was registered at the top. (Ex. រតនគិរី 2D-0008; រតនគិរី 2D-0088; រតនគិរី 2D-0888; រតនគិរី 2D-8888).

Cambodian car license plate (current style), from a bus registered in Phnom Penh
Class Plate color Text color First number
Motorcycles White Black 1
1–7 seats private automobile* White Black 2
Private automobile with more than 7 seats** Black White 3
Agricultural vehicle Green Yellow 4
Engineering vehicle Orange Black 5
Truck trailer White Black 7
Special vehicle White Black 9

* Most 4-door pickups are included in this type.
** Usually a van or a lorry with more than seven seats.

There are plans to add another letter, after the license plate numbers of Phnom Penh are full. For example, it starts from "1 AA 0001" to "1 AA 9999", then starts at "1 AB 0001", and continues again. In Phnom Penh, the motorcycle plate already started in 2012.

Special plates[edit]

There are special plates for auction in Cambodia. Special plates have an appropriate number from 301 numerals, and are assigned to 1–7 seat private automobiles. They have black text, in contrast to the white background of typical plates.


License plate of the Cambodian police

Cars owned by the police get the red plate with "នគរបាល" as the province of registration.

Embassy and consulate[edit]

Embassy and consulate vehicles have their own license plates with yellow background and blue text.

Royal vehicles[edit]

The royal family's license plate has two yellow letters in Khmer script (រន) and three yellow numbers on a blue plate.

Temporary plates[edit]

Until 1993, new cars not yet getting the real plate get the five-digit number plate.

When people use registered cars temporarily outside Cambodia, they may have English temporary plates. The English plates are the same number as the real plates, and used for that car only. The plate has the province name in English at the bottom, instead of in Khmer. Today this is used for every car.

Location names[edit]

Cambodian license plates use the Khmer name of the province or district where its owner (a person or company) is located or registered.


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