Vehicle registration plates of Honduras

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License plates of Honduras are issued by the Honduran Secretaría de Obras Públicas, Transporte y Vivienda (SOPTRAVI, the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Living) and identify motor vehicles in the country.

Honduras personal license plate using Ñ

Honduran license plates are white and feature an outline of the map of Honduras in a variety of colors according to the class of vehicle registered. All license plates bear the slogan "Cuidemos los Bosques" along the top, ("Take Care of the Forests" in English) and "Honduras, C.A." along the bottom. They are the same size as North American license plates, 6 by 12 inches.[1]

The initial letter or (two letters) identify the class of vehicle (see table), followed by a four- or five-digit serial number. Personal, commercial and trailer tags also have a one- or two-letter serial letters. The letter Ñ is included in the alphabet used for the serial letters.

Type of plate Serial Format Color
Personal P AB 1234 Green
Commercial A AB 1234 Yellow
Diplomatic corps CD 1234
Consular corps CC 1234
International missions (aid agencies, etc.) MI 1234 Red-purple
Government-owned vehicle N 12345 Blue
Trailers R A 1234
Light trucks PP 12345 Red

Light truck license plates in the PP format do not have the map of Honduras in the background.

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