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An Israeli vehicle registration plate, or an Israeli license plate, is a vehicle registration plate, a metal or plastic plate or plates attached to a motor vehicle or trailer, used in Israel for official identification purposes.

Israeli registration plates are issued by various approved licensing firms, like Dinamometer, and according to Specification no. 327 of the Standards Institute of Israel. Most regulations regarding Israeli vehicle registration plates are listed among the transport regulations, issued by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety. These regulations define the proper placement of the plates, as well as other issues concerning the usage of the plates.


Civil registration plates[edit]


Israeli civil registration plates are rectangular with reflecting yellow background and embossed with black registration number. Under the first dash of the registration number (see below form of registration numbers) there is a stamp of approval of the Standards Institute of Israel. On the left side of the plate there is a euroband embossed with the Israeli flag and beneath it the letters IL and ישראל (Israel) written in Hebrew and below it إسرائيل (Israel) written in Arabic. Old plates do not hold this euroband. In American standard plates, the digits are narrower and the blue rectangle is at the bottom of the plate, as the letters are to the right of the flag.

Current civil registration numbers consist of seven digits, which are separated by dashes: one between the second and third digits and another between the fifth and sixth digits. Older registration numbers, which are still seen in Israel, consist of five or six digits with one dash placed prior to the last three digits. Usually, vehicles of the same importer or brand have the two last digits in common. Special numbers consisting of identical digits or other patterns, may be granted as a premium by the dealership.

While the vehicle registration numbers of taxis in Israel always end with either 25 or 26, the last two digits of buses vary, although many end with 01. Many self-imported cars end with 00, as well as many trucks. Plate numbers ending with 4x and 9x are currently not in use.

Israeli Antique vehicles registration plate

Antique vehicles, which in Israel are vehicles over 30 years of age, may be specifically registered and carry special registration plates, which in addition to the registration number contain the words רכב אספנות (lit. "collectibles" vehicle). These vehicles, exempt from annual registration costs, may not be driven before 9am.[1] Since February 2011, self-imported antique vehicles are allocated a number plate with the 55 suffix.[2]

Police registration plates[edit]


Police registration plates are rectangular with red background and embossed with white registration number. Police registration numbers consist of the letter Mem (מ), representing the word "Mishtara" (police) and the number, which is issued according to the seniority of the car holder. The number of the main car of the General commissioner of the Israel Police is 1.

Military registration plates[edit]


Registration plates of Military service vehicles are rectangular with black background and embossed with a white registration number. Military registration numbers consist of the letter Tsade (צ), representing the word "Tsava" (military) and several digits. Alternatively, the plate might be painted on the vehicle.

Military Police registration plates[edit]

Plak-IL-Polis Artesh.png

Military Police registration plates are rectangular with blue background and embossed with white registration number. Military Police registration numbers consist of the letters Mem and Tsade, representing the words "Mishtara Tsva'it" (military police) and several digits.

Diplomatic registration plates[edit]

Plak-IL-Corps Diplomatique.png

Diplomatic Corps/Consular Corps registration plates are rectangular with white background and embossed with black registration number. Diplomatic/Consular Corps registration numbers consist of the letters CD/CC (respectively) and seven digits—the last two of them are 21 or 22. Private vehicles owned by a member of a diplomatic/consular mission and originally brought from the member's country of origin do not consist of the letters CD/CC, but the last two digits remain 21 or 22. Honorary consuls' vehicles carry plates consisting of the letters CC without the final digits of 21 or 22, even though the vehicle is registered under a civil registration number.

Registration Plates’ Suffixes in Israel[edit]

The use of the 7-digit registration plate in Israel began in 1980. The 2 last digits of the number, referred to as its suffix, have special meaning. In the eighties, the suffix indicated the vehicle’s manufacturing year (80-89). In 1990 this rule was changed, and the suffix was determined according to the car’s dealer or brand, when each dealer or brand was given a suffix, sometimes sharing the same suffix with other dealers or brands. This rule was gradually changed starting from 2000, and the suffix started to indicate the vehicle’s manufacturing year again (although not according to a general rule as in the eighties) as well as dealer or brand.

The following table details the registration plates’ suffixes in Israel against the vehicle’s manufacturing year and the car’s dealer or brand.[3] The table details private and small commercial cars only. It does not indicate suffixes that were allocated to the Palestinian Authority in the past.

A list of Israel’s car dealers and the brands they import follows this table.

Suffix Manufacture Year Brand/Dealer
00 Self imported vehicles, all brands, since 1990. Mercedes
01 2005 Colmobil (Dealer), Lubinsky (Dealer), busses, 2-wheel vehicles
02 1990-1994 Mitsubishi
03 1990-1995 Japanauto (Dealer)
04 1990-1997 Lubinsky (Dealer), Hyunday, Daihatsu
05 1990-1995 Samlat (Dealer), Automotive Equipment Group (Dealer), Jaguar, Ford
06 1990-1995 UMI (Dealer), Meir (Dealer), Carasso (Dealer), Kamor (Dealer)
07 1990-1995 Champion (Dealer), Daihatsu, Daewoo
08 1990-1997 UMI (Dealer), Meir (Dealer), Kamor (Dealer), Rover
1995-1996 Japanauto (Dealer)
2016 Meir (Dealer)
09 1990-1996 Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Skoda, Mazda, Toyota, Lada
10 2000-2001 All Manufacturers
2001-2004 Skoda
11 2013-2014 All Manufacturers
12 2012-2013 All Manufacturers
13 2006 All Manufacturers
2007 Daihatsu
2012-2013 All Manufacturers
14 2006 All Manufacturers. Re-registration[4] in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-14)
15 Self import vehicles, re-registration (until 2005), heavy vehicles, former police cars
16 1997-2011 Kamor (Dealer)
1995-1999 Lubinsky (Dealer), Carasso (Dealer), Daewoo
2005 Champion (Dealer), Delek Motors (Dealer)
17 1995-1999 UMI (Dealer), Meir (Dealer), Mitsubishi, Hyunday
1999-2004 Jaguar, Rover, Land Rover
18 1996-2000 UMI (Dealer), Champion (Dealer)
19 1995-1999 UMI (Dealer), Delek Motors (Dealer), Automotive Equipment Group (Dealer), Daewoo, Daihatsu, Toyota
20 1995-1998 Colmobil (Dealer)
21 Since 1980 Diplomatic vehicle (with "CD" at the left) or Consulate vehicle (with "CC" at the left) or Red Cross vehicle (with "ICRC" at the left), white background, all manufacturers
22 Since 1980 Diplomatic vehicle (with "CD" at the left) or Consulate vehicle (with "CC" at the left) or Red Cross vehicle (with "ICRC" at the left), white background, all manufacturers
23 1996-2004 Subaru
2000 Most manufacturers
24 2000-2001 Most manufacturers
25 Since 1986 Taxi, all manufacturers
26 Since 2013 Taxi, all manufacturers[5]
27 1996-2000 Fiat, Kia, Suzuki, Mazda
28 1996-2002 Automotive Equipment Group (Dealer)
1995-1998 Delek Motors (Dealer), Mercedes
2016 Automotive Equipment Group (Dealer)
29 1996-1998 Carasso (Dealer)
1997 Mazda
2000-2001 Delek Motors (Dealer), Carasso (Dealer)
30 1997 Daewoo, Daihatsu
2014 All Manufacturers
31 2014 All Manufacturers
32 2014-2015 All Manufacturers
33 2015 All Manufacturers
34 2015-2016 All Manufacturers
35 2001-2002 All Manufacturers
36 2002-2003 All Manufacturers
37 2015-2016 All Manufacturers
38 2015-2016 All Manufacturers
39 2016 All Manufacturers
40 Not in use
41 Re-registration of "collectibles" vehicle in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-41)
42-49 Not in use
50 2002-2003 Honda
2003 All Manufacturers
2006-2005 Daihatsu
51 2003-2004 All Manufacturers
52 1982 All Manufacturers
2013-2014 All Manufacturers
53 1983 All Manufacturers
2013-2014 All Manufacturers
2015 Champion Motors (Dealer)
54 1984 All Manufacturers
2013-2014 All Manufacturers
2015 Delek Motors (Dealer), Champion Motors (Dealer), Carasso (Dealer)
55 1985 All Manufacturers, mostly commercial vehicles
Re-registration of "collectibles" vehicle in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-55)
2015 Colmobil (Dealer)
56 1986 All Manufacturers, mostly commercial vehicles
2004 All Manufacturers
2005 Champion (Dealer)
57 1987 All Manufacturers, mostly commercial vehicles
2004-2005 All Manufacturers
2005 Re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-57)
2015 Delek Motors (Dealer)
58 1988 All Manufacturers, mostly commercial vehicles
2005 All Manufacturers
2006 Japanauto (Dealer)
2014 Automotive Equipment Group (Dealer), Subaru
59 1989 All Manufacturers, mostly commercial vehicles
2005-2006 All Manufacturers
Since 2007 Hamizrach (Dealer)
2015-2016 Japanauto (Dealer)
60 2006-2007 All Manufacturers
2006 Re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-60)
61 2006-2008 All Manufacturers
2007 Re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-61)
62 2007 All Manufacturers
63 2007-2008 All Manufacturers
64 2008 All Manufacturers
2013-2014 Peugeot, Citroen
65 2008-2009 All Manufacturers
66 2008-2009 All Manufacturers
67 2008-2010 All Manufacturers
68 2008-2010 All Manufacturers
2009 Re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-68)
69 2009-2010 All Manufacturers
2009-2010 Re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-69)
70 2009-2010 All Manufacturers
71 2010-2011 All Manufacturers
2011 Re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-71)
72 2010-2011 All Manufacturers
2011-2012 Re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-72)
73 2010-2011 All Manufacturers
2012-2013 Re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-73)
74 2011 All Manufacturers
2013 Re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-74)
2014 Peugeot, Citroen
75 2011-2012 All Manufacturers
2013 Subaru, re-registration in case the first (left-most) digit is 9. (9X-XXX-75)
76 2011-2013 All Manufacturers
77 1990-2003 Government vehicle. After the vehicle left government service it received re-registration plate
78 2011-2012 All Manufacturers
79 2012-2013 All Manufacturers
80 1980 All Manufacturers
81 1981 All Manufacturers
82 1982 All Manufacturers
83 1983 All Manufacturers
84 1984 All Manufacturers
85 1985 All Manufacturers
86 1986 All Manufacturers
87 1987 All Manufacturers
88 1988 All Manufacturers
89 1989 All Manufacturers
90-99 Not in use

Vehicle Dealers in Israel[edit]

dealer plate
Dealer Brands
UMI Universal Motors Israel Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Isuzu, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC, Saab; Opel (until 2011)
Delek Motors Mazda, Ford; BMW, Mini (since 2011)
Kamor Until 2011 Kamor imported BMW and Mini.
Lubinsky Peugeot, Citroen; MG (since 2011)
Champion Motors Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda
Carasso Motors Renault, Nissan, Infiniti, Dacia
Union Motors Toyota
Meir Honda, Volvo, Jaguar
Samlat - Cars Agency for the Mediterranean Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Subaru (since 2013), RAM (Since 2016), Lancia, Abarth, Chrysler/Jeep (since 2016), Dodge (since 2016); Kia (until 2008)
Telcar Daihatsu, Ssangyong; Kia (since 2008)
Colmobil Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mercedes, Smart
Hamizrach Landrover, Rover; GreatWall (since 2011)
Automotive Equipment Group Suzuki, Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge (until 2016), Porsche
Shlomo Opel (since 2011)
Japanauto Subaru (until 2013, bought in 2013 by Samlat)
Lexus Israel Lexus
Auto Italia Ferrari, Maserati


Regulations no. 300-301 state that every vehicle registered in Israel must carry two registration plates, installed on the front and rear ends of the vehicle (one on each) in the designated places by the manufacturer, or otherwise determined by the Licensing Authority. Motorcycles, trailers, semi-trailers, bicycles and tricycles must carry one plate only, installed on the rear end.[6]

Registration plates must always be clean and must not be obscured by freight.[7]

A damaged or vandalized registration plate must be replaced with a new one.[8]

It is prohibited to remove a plate except for its replacement. It is also prohibited to add details to a plate, change its color or blur it.[9]

A vehicle registered in Israel is allowed to carry Israeli plates only.[10]

A registration plate in a motor vehicle must be illuminated, so it can be read from a distance of 20 meters (66 feet) in daylight and fair weather.[11]

Electronic toll collection[edit]

When driving on an electronic toll collection route in Israel like Highway 6, the vehicle registration plate is electro-optically read at the entrance and exit from the route. Later, a clerk will manually enter the data into the database and subsequently, an invoice sent to the address of the owner of the vehicle, as it is registered in the database of the Ministry of Transportation.[12]

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