Vehicle registration plates of Jordan

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Jordanian private vehicle registration plate
Public transport registration plate
Diplomatic registration plate

Jordan requires its residents to register their motor vehicles and display vehicle registration plates.

The current system was introduced in 2007, with the plates largely based on European specifications. The font used strongly resembles that found on present British registration plates.

The format is: nn-nnnnn (usually 4 or 5 digits). Initial numbers include: 1-5: State owned (red square that says Jordan) 1: Ministers 2. Parliament 3. Parliament 5: General Government (example: service cars at the University of Jordan) 6: Aqaba free zone 7: Diplomatic (Yellow square that says Jordan) 8: Diplomatic (Yellow square that says Jordan) 9: Temporary 10-23: Passenger cars 38-39: Crew cabs 41-42: Light goods vehicles 44: Tractors 46: Motorcycles and scooters 50: Taxi (green square that says Jordan) 56: Small buses (green square that says Jordan) 58: Coaches 60: HGVs 70: Rental Cars (green square that says Jordan with yellow letters) 71: Trailer 90: Army (says The Army) 95: Ambulance 96: Gendarmerie 99: Police

For passenger cars, private plates are also available. As of August 2013, the normal series had reached 21-30000; however, private plates going up to a 35 prefix have been seen. Generally, the lower the suffix number, the more expensive they are, with plates from the 10 series having the most prestige. Suffix numbers on private plates can be as low as one digit and therefore technically the "first number" is 10-1.