Vehicle registration plates of Mongolia

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Mongolian diplomatic licence plate

Vehicle registration plates of Mongolia consist of four digits (including leading zeroes) and three Cyrillic letters. The design is reminiscent of the Soviet standard for licence plates in the former USSR (GOST 3207-77), some of which had four digits and three letters.

Example of a pre-2001 Mongolian registration plate issued in Ulaan Baatar

Б 15 98 УБ

Since 2001, the appearance of plates has changed - these must now contain the national symbol (the "Soyombo") in red, to the left of the numbers, and - between the digits and letters - the Mongolian oval (MNG).[1]

The first two letters of the three-letter suffix indicate the province (or aimag in Mongolian) where the vehicle was registered:



Suffix Aimag
АР Arkhangai
БХ Bayankhongor
БН Baganuur
БӨ Bayan-Ölgii
БУ Bulgan
ГС Govisumber
ДА Darkhan (city)
ДО Dornod
ДГ Dornogovi
ДУ Dundgovi
OP Orkhon
ГА Govi-Altay
ХЭ Khentii
ХО Khovd
ХӨ Khövsgöl
НА Nalaikh district
ӨМ Ömnögovi
ӨВ Övörkhangai
СЭ Selenge
СҮ Sükhbaatar
СБ Sükhbaatar (city)
ТӨ Töv
УБ, УН Ulaanbaatar
УВ Uvs
ЗА Zavkhan