Vehicle registration plates of Paraguay

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Paraguayan vehicle registration plate.

Since the end of the year 1999 Paraguay has required its residents to register their motor vehicles with the National Register of Vehicles (Registro Nacional de Automotores) and to display vehicle registration plates; this system has replaced the former one whereby plates were issued by municipal authorities, who also kept local registers.

The plates are inscribed with a 3-letter and 3-number combination (similar to those used in the Argentine Republic), and remain with the vehicle for its lifetime. The series "Axx nnn" and "Bxx nnn" have been used mainly by the central office of the Registro in Asunción, series beginning with other letters have been used by regional offices in the interior of the country. "Exx nnn" is reserved for public vehicles which are tax-exempt, the serie "Txx nnn" is for agricultural tractors and machinery, the serie "Vxx nnn" for antique cars (and "VAP nnn" for those belonging to members of the Circulo de Vehiculos Antiguos del Paraguay).

Paraguayan motorcycle registration plate.

There are also plates inscribed in black for persons whose occupation or elective position gives them immunity from prosecution, like the "SEN xxx" plates of Senators, "DIP xxx" of Representatives (Diputados), "JMx nnn" for elected municipal council members (Junta Municipal) authorities, and the "PJx nnn" plates indicates official vehicles of judges.

Motor-cycles are numbered in the same series as cars, but with the letters and numbers group transposed ("nnn XXX").

Provisionally, new-registered vehicles may obtain a serie starting with P (beginning from "PRx"), which is changed to the formal plate once completed the registration.


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