Vehicle registration plates of Puerto Rico

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The U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico first required its residents to register their motor vehicles and display license plates in 1912.

Passenger baseplates 1986 to present[edit]

In 1956, the U.S. states and Canadian provinces came to an agreement with the Automobile Manufacturers Association that fixed the size for license plates for vehicles, except those for motorcycles, at six inches in height by twelve inches in width, with standardized mounting holes. The 1955 (dated 1956) issue was the first Puerto Rico license plate that complied with these standards.

Image Dates issued Design Slogan Serial format Serials issued Notes
Puerto Rico — car license plate "Isla Del Encanto".JPG 1986 black on reflective white with fort graphic Isla del Encanto ABC 123 AAA 000 to HEN 999
Blank License Plate Shape.jpg 2001 black on flag graphics Cincuentenario ABC 123 FDA 000 to FLL 999
Blank License Plate Shape.jpg 2008 black on reflective fort graphic Isla del Encanto ABC 123 HEO 000 to present

(current series: IRZ-000)

Serials are surface-printed rather than embossed.
Puerto Rico — License plate "Mayagüez 2010".JPG 2009-2012 black on reflective white with green stripes on top and orange stripes on bottom and Mayagüez 2010 logo in the center Isla del Encanto Mayaguez 2010 ABC 123 HRS 001 to HVZ 999
Blank License Plate Shape.jpg 2011 a picture of the Puerto Rico Governor's mansion Puerto Rico does it better Puerto Rico lo hace mejor ABC 123 HWA 000 to IEI 999

IQA 000 to IQA 999

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