Vehicle registration plates of San Marino

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Typical Sammarinese motor car number plate.

Sammarinese authorities license private vehicles with distinctive licence plates which are white with blue figures, usually a letter followed by up to four numbers. To the left of these figures is displayed the national coat of arms of San Marino. Many vehicles also carry the international vehicle identification code "RSM" in black on a white oval sticker. Since 2004 custom licence plates have also become available.

There are 220 km of roads in the country: the main road is the San Marino Superhighway. Roads are well used by private car drivers.

Special plates[edit]

Code Type Image
CD Diplomatic corps Vehicle license plate of San Marino Corpo diplomatico.jpg
CRS Red Cross License plate San Marino Red Cross.jpg
GE Gendarmeria
POLIZIA Guardia di Rocca
POLIZIA Civil police Vehicle license plate of San Marino Polizia Civile.jpg
PROVA Tests Vehicle license plate of San Marino Prova.jpg
R Trailer License plate San Marino trailer.jpg
VU[1] Vigili Urbani
Year sticker Temporary


  1. ^ Plate not used since 1983.

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