Vehicle registration plates of the Palestinian National Authority

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The Palestinian National Authority requires their residents register their motor vehicles and display vehicle registration plates. There are two different systems of registration plates: One for West Bank and other in Gaza Strip.

West Bank[edit]

Generally, registration plates in the West Bank have the Latin letter "P" for Palestine or Palestinian Authority on the right side; above that, the Arabic letter ف (Faa') for فلسطين (Falasteen) or السلطة الفلسطينية (a-Sultat al-Filastiniya).

Private vehicles[edit]

Palestinian Authority private vehicle registration plate (above current version, below older version).

Private vehicles have white plates with green numbers, the numbers have seven digits, the first shows the district (governorate) of the registration:


Private vehicles since July 2018[edit]

The Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Transport has announced a new numbering system for vehicles that will be registered as of July 2018. According to the new method, vehicles will have a 6-character license number, which includes 5 digits and one Latin letter (as opposed to the previous system where the license number was 7 digits). The format will be X-XXXX-X. The first five digits are a running number. The last letter in the number shall be determined according to the city in which the vehicle was registered, and may be:

  • The letter A - Jenin
  • The letter B – Tulkarm
  • The letter C - Tubas
  • The letter D - Nablus
  • The letter E - Qalqilya
  • The letter F - Salfit
  • The letter G - Jericho
  • The letter H - Ramallah
  • The letter J - East-Jerusalem
  • The letter K - Bethlehem
  • The letter L - Hebron
  • The letter M - Dura
  • The letter N - Yatta

Public transport[edit]

Palestinian Authority public vehicle registration plate.

Vehicles serving the public transport (taxis, shared taxis, and buses) have green plates with white numbers. Taxi plates always end in -30.

Plates for government vehicles[edit]

Current Palestinian Authority government vehicle registration plate
Older Palestinian Authority government vehicle registration plate.

Vehicles belonging to the Palestinian Authority use white number plates with red numbers. Those are officials' cars, ambulances, fire brigade police and special police (military).

The numbers match the format XXXX with leading zeros.[dubious ]

Currently new registered police vehicles get also green-on-white plates ending in -99.

Test plates[edit]

Test license plate

Test plates for garages and car importers are blue with white writing and display the word "TEST" in Arabic (اختبار) and Hebrew (במבחן) above the number.

Gaza Strip[edit]

Graphic of a license plate of the Gaza Strip from 2012 (above European style plate, below American style plate

Until 2012 registration plates in the Gaza Strip had the same format as in the West Bank. In 2012 the authorities of the Gaza Strip replaced the PNA license plates described above with a new design. The new plates have a vertical Palestinian flag on the right (instead of the letters P/ف) in European style plate or horizontal flag on the top in American style plates. All the plates have white background. All numbers start with "3".

  • Private vehicles - have black digits, number ending with "0X".
  • Commercial vehicles - have green digits, number ending with "1X".
  • Public vehicles - have blue digits, number ending with "2X".
  • Municipal vehicles - have blue digits, number ending with "4X".
  • Governmental vehicles - have red digits, number ending with "5X".
  • Governmental personal vehicles - have black digits, number ending with "5X".



During this period of the Israeli governance of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinians had license plates issued by the Israeli civil administration. Blue (West Bank) and white (Gaza Strip) plates with a Hebrew letter in a white or orange field on the left side that identified the origin of the car's holder.[1]

  • א - Jericho (יריחו, Arabic: أريحا‎, which transliterates into Hebrew as אריחא)
  • ב - Bethlehem (בית לחם)
  • ח - Hebron (חברון)
  • ט - Tulkarem (טול כרם)
  • נ - Jenin (ג׳נין)
  • ע - Gaza (עזה)
  • פ - Rafah (רפיח)
  • ק - Qalqilya (קלקיליה)
  • ר - Ramallah (רמאללה)
  • ש - Nablus (שכם, Šəḵem)