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OriginBoston, Massachusetts
Years active2013–present
LabelsClosed Casket Activities, Threat Collective
MembersAnthony DiDio (vocals)
Jeremy Martin (guitar)
Jon Lhaubouet (bass)
Josh Butts (guitar)
Matt Wood (drums)

Vein is a hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2013. They are known for their frequent tours and have performed shows with groups such as Code Orange[5] and Twitching Tongues while in Europe.[6] In 2017 the band was signed onto Closed Casket Activities, who would issue their first full-length work Errorzone to warm reception among critics, even appearing on Revolvers early "Best Albums of 2018" list.[7] The album also managed to peak at #21 in Billboard charts' Hard Rock album chart.[8]

The band's sound is a variation of hardcore punk with influences from screamo, mathcore, drum and bass, nu metal, and horror soundtracks to films and games.[9][2] with Errorzone especially noted for its nu metal sound.[2][10]

In February 2019, Vein was featured in The Washington Post, along with contemporaries Portrayal of Guilt and Infant Island, as delivering "new life" to screamo.[4]


Studio albums
Extended plays
  • Vein (2013, Self-released)
  • Terrors Realm (2014, Self-released) (Cassette edition issued by Threat Collective)
  • Demo 2016 (2016, Self-released)
  • A Release of Excess Flesh split 7" with .Gif from God (2016, Zegema Beach/Structures//Agony/Longrail/Dingleberry/Contrition)
  • Self-Destruct 7" (2017, Closed Casket Activities)
  • Vein on Audiotree Live (2018, Audiotree)[11]
Music Videos
  • "Virus://Vibrance" (2018, Directed by Eric Richter)
  • "Demise Automation" (2018, Directed by Eric Richter)


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