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Vitus "Veit" Bach (around 1550 – 8 March 1619, Wechmar)[1] was a baker and miller who, according to Johann Sebastian Bach, founded the Bach family, which became one of the most important families in Western musical history. Veit's son, Johannes Bach [de] (ca. 1580–1626), was the grandfather of Johann Ambrosius Bach, J.S. Bach's father, which makes Veit Johann Sebastian's great-great-grandfather. There are other theories that call a different Veit Bach, who died before 1578 in Erfurt, was the father of Johann(es)/Hans, and thus Johann Sebastian's great-great-grandfather.[2]

Evading religious persecution in the Kingdom of Hungary, then under the control of the staunchly Roman Catholic Habsburgs, Bach, being a Protestant, settled in Wechmar, a village in the German state of Thuringia. His descendants continued to live there until Christoph Bach, grandfather of J. S. Bach, moved to Erfurt to take up a position as municipal musician or Stadtpfeifer (town piper). Bach's son Johannes Bach studied music with the town's head piper.[citation needed]

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