Veit Dietrich

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Veit Dietrich
Veit Dietrich (copper engraving, 16th century)
Born8 December 1506
Died25 March 1549(1549-03-25) (aged 42)

Veit Dietrich, also Vitus Theodorus or Vitus Diterichus, (8 December 1506 – 25 March 1549) was a German Lutheran theologian, writer and a reformer.

Life and work[edit]

Veit Dietrich was born on 8 December 1506 in Nuremberg; his father was a shoemaker. The talent of the boy was soon recognized and patronage of a wealthy benefactor enabled him to attend high school at the University of Wittenberg. He enrolled in March 1522. In University Philipp Melanchthon recognized his talent and encouraged him.

Later, he was Martin Luther's housemate and a close confidant. As such he accompanied Luther to the Marburg Colloquy and stayed with him during the Diet of Augsburg in 1530 at the Fortress of Coburg. He earned a Master's degree in 1529 and taught in the art department. Later on he was offered a professorship in Wittenberg but he rejected it.


  • Luther's Piety
  • "Summaria", on the Old Testament
  • "Summaria", on the New Testament
  • He was also one of the editors of Luther's "Lectures on Genesis" and recorded parts of Luther's Table Talk


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