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Vejdirektoratet (Danish Road Directorate)
Logo vejdirektoratet.jpg
Directorate overview
Formed 1949
Jurisdiction  Kingdom of Denmark
Headquarters Copenhagen
Directorate executive
Parent Directorate Danish Ministry of Transport

Vejdirektoratet or the Danish Road Directorate is responsible for the national road network of Denmark, which comprises motorways, a number of main roads and many of the country's bridges – a total of about 4,000 kilometres.


Road Directorate's work consists primarily of three elements:

  • Planning
  • Construction and operation
  • Traffic and management


The structure of the Directorate includes;[1]

  • General Directorate (including procurement and supplier management, human resources, and communication)
  • Planning (including safety and environment)
  • Construction
  • Traffic operations
  • Resources (including finance and IT)

The Danish Road Directorate is based at six service centres across the country and forms part of the Danish Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing.


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