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Revolution / Mount Mara
Previously known as Revolution, Evolution, (R)evolution, Illusion, Chaos
Coordinates 51°11′57″N 4°54′32″E / 51.1993°N 4.9090°E / 51.1993; 4.9090Coordinates: 51°11′57″N 4°54′32″E / 51.1993°N 4.9090°E / 51.1993; 4.9090
Status Operating
Soft opening date May 1, 1989 (1989-05-01)
Opening date June 15, 1989 (1989-06-15)
General statistics
Type Steel – Indoor
Manufacturer Vekoma
Model Illusion
Height 28 m (92 ft)
Length 765 m (2,510 ft)
Speed 50 km/h (31 mph)
Inversions 0
Duration 140 seconds
Capacity 1200 riders per hour
Height restriction 140 cm (4 ft 7 in)
Trains Single train with 30 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 60 riders per train.
Revolution / Mount Mara at RCDB
Pictures of Revolution / Mount Mara at RCDB

The Illusion is a fully enclosed tubular steel roller coaster, manufactured by Vekoma. It runs on Vekoma's narrow MK-700 track system.[1] Two were built, both in 1989, Chaos in Opryland USA (Tennessee), and Revolution / Mount Mara in Bobbejaanland (Belgium).[2] Only the one in Belgium is still active.

Ride details[edit]

The Illusion runs a single long train, with up to 40 cars stretching up to 180' long. Each narrow car carries two people sitting inline, bobsled style. The whole track is built inside a dark room, except the base station where people have to take place in the train. The dark room has two major parts: an inner room and an outer room. The train first enters the inner room where the track is a straight up-going helix. Once the train is at top, the track enters the outer room and changes into a bumped down-going helix. In the final part, the track goes back into the inner room where the train is at its top speed of 30 mph. Finally, the track ends at the base station.

In the original ride, the inner room contained two parabolic projection screens: one on the ceiling and one on the floor. The original movie showed a dome with a swinging pendulum, a mysterious clock, a moondial, an eye in the sky, a digital clock, worm holes and explosions. The movies were synchronized in such way that when an event occurred in the upper movie, the outcome was visible in the lower movie. E.g. at a certain point, a pendulum falls from the dome on the top screen and shatters the clock on the bottom screen. The outer room contained 35 mm projections of respectively fire, shattering glass, time portals and gear wheels.[3]


In Bobbejaanland, Illusion opened in 1989 under the name "Revolution" and has 30 cars per train. In 2008, it was renamed to (R)evolution as the front building of the attraction was redecorated with a jungle theme to fit with the neighbouring jungle themed area "Banana Bos". The film and music were changed a few months later. In 2014, the name was once again changed to Revolution and the jungle theming in the station and queue was removed. The original lower film with the shattering clock and the moondial had already returned in August 2011.

Many of the effects have broken over the years and were either replaced by light effects or simply shut down. In 1999, the upper film with the dome and the pendulum was swapped with the lower film as the bottom screen was removed. Furthermore, a metal floor was placed along with blue light strips and a replica of a volcanic crater.[3]

Mount Mara[edit]

As of 30 April 2016 the "Revolution" steel roller coaster ride by Vekoma in Bobbejaanland will be expanded with Virtual Reality. In the afternoon passengers wear optional Samsung Gear VR glassess. The ride is of course on the same coaster but due to the virtual reality, the passengers experience an escape ride from a bursting vulcano.[4] Due to physical limitations, children can't wear the VR glasses and experience the Revolution-ride. Due to technical limitations only 1 passenger per car can wear the glasses and will experience the virtual ride.

Mitch Hawker's Best Roller Coaster Poll: Best steel-Tracked Roller Coaster[5]
Year 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Ranking No poll 131 (tie) 110 124 162 181 204 170 219 185 No poll 237 221


In Opryland, the ride opened in 1989, much the same. The two screens showed the same videos as "Revolution" and the smaller screens showed the fire, etc. Sometime around 1990, the lower screen became damaged and the films were stopped. The ride was fitted with laser lighting and the guests wore laser prism glasses. The ride was advertised as "Now more chaotic than ever." In 1993, the ride was rethemed for the park's "Howloween" celebration and was fitted with a nuclear reactor and various smoke spouting aliens, found during the descent. The following year, the alien was replaced with a dragon.

Chaos had 40 cars per train.[6]

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