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The Velas Sudamérica 2010 fleet turning around Cape Horn

Velas Sudamerica 2010 or Regata del Bicentenario Velas Sudamerica 2010 or, more commonly, Regata del Bicentenario, was a 2010 historic tall ship gathering and touring of Latin America to celebrate the bicentennial of the first national governments of Argentina and Chile, assembled in May and September 1810, respectively. The event was organized by the Argentine and Chilean navies.


The Velas Sudamérica 2010 fleet crossing the Strait of Magellan

The touring performed around the Latin American continent for nearly five months (traveling about 15,000 nautical miles) and visited thirteen regional ports. It began on 7 February 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, headed south to the South Atlantic, turned around Cape Horn to reach the Pacific Ocean (although some ships chose to cross through the Strait of Magellan for safety reasons), and headed north to cross the Panama Canal and finish on June 28 in Veracruz.[1]


ARA Libertad near port
Sail ship Country Port of registry
ARA Libertad  Argentina Buenos Aires
Esmeralda  Chile Valparaiso
Gloria  Colombia Cartagena
Guayas  Ecuador Guayaquil
Capitán Miranda  Uruguay Montevideo
Simon Bolivar  Venezuela La Guaira
Juan Sebastián Elcano  Spain Cadiz
ARM Cuauhtémoc  Mexico Acapulco
Sagres  Portugal Lisbon
Cisne Branco  Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Europa  Netherlands The Hague
Xplore  Panama Panama City
USCGC Eagle  U.S.

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