Velež (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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City of Mostar.jpg
City of Mostar below mountain Velež
Highest point
Elevation1,969 m (6,460 ft)
Coordinates43°20′00″N 18°00′38″E / 43.3334°N 18.0106°E / 43.3334; 18.0106Coordinates: 43°20′00″N 18°00′38″E / 43.3334°N 18.0106°E / 43.3334; 18.0106
Velež is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location in Bosnia and Herzegovina
LocationBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Parent rangeDinaric Alps
Velež Mountain seen from Ilići, Mostar

Velež, named after the Slavic god Veles, is a mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the south-central part of the Herzegovina region, overlooking the largest regional city of Mostar.

The highest peak of Velež mountain is called Botin, and it is 1,969 meters high.

Other large settlements in the Velež vicinity are Nevesinje, which is located in a secluded mountain valley, Blagaj, small historic settlement which is located near the source of the Buna river, and village of Podvelež which is situated immediately below the summit of the mountain.[1][2]

Foot of Velež in Mostar

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