Vele Srakane

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Vele Srakane
Srakane satelite.gif
Satellite image of Vele Srakane (bigger) and Male Srakane (smaller)
LocationAdriatic Sea
Coordinates44°34′56″N 14°18′35″E / 44.582245°N 14.309671°E / 44.582245; 14.309671Coordinates: 44°34′56″N 14°18′35″E / 44.582245°N 14.309671°E / 44.582245; 14.309671
Area1.15 km2 (0.44 sq mi)
Highest elevation59 m (194 ft)
Highest pointVela straža
Population3 (2011)

Vele Srakane is an island in the Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. It is situated between Lošinj, Unije and Susak, just north of Male Srakane. Its area is 1.15 km2,[1][2] and it has a population of 3 (2011 census),[3] down from 8 in 2001.[4] Highest peak is Vela straža, 59 meters high.[2] As of 2012 there are no cars, no shops and no running water on the island.[5] Electricity, however, is available.[6] There is no harbour suitable for sheltering on the island, just two concrete piers unsuitable for longer containment, and the coast contains numerous reefs. This leads the islanders to ground their boats rather than anchor them.[6] The island has been inhabited since prehistory.[7] On Vela Straža, there are remnants of this prehistoric settlement.[7]


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